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With manufacturers moving away from USB-A ports to USB Type-C, it’s time to upgrade to a USB-C mouse. There aren’t many mice that utilize USB-C connectivity, but we’ve tracked down the few options available, and here is a list of the best USB-C mouse in the market.

Most of the latest laptops, such as MacBook Pro and the new Dell XPS, have entirely done away with USB Type-A ports. If you own any of these notebooks or intend to buy one, getting a USB-C mouse lets you leverage the advanced USB-C tech to boost productivity.

Comparison of the Best USB-C Mouse

ImageProductDetailsCheck Price
Lenovo Go USB-C Essential Wireless Mouse on Amazon
Lenovo Go USB-C Essential Wireless MouseErgonomics: Ambidextrous
Connection: Wireless
Buttons: 3
Rechargeable Battery: Yes
Programmable Button: Yes
DPI: 3 Modes (800 – 2400)
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Attoe USB C Mouse on Amazon
Attoe USB C MouseErgonomics: Ambidextrous
Connection: Wired
Buttons: 6
Rechargeable Battery: NA.
Programmable Button: Yes
DPI: 4 Modes (800 – 3200)
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Vssoplor Type-C Wireless Mouse on Amazon
Vssoplor Type-C Wireless MouseErgonomics: Ambidextrous
Connection: Wireless
Buttons: 3
Rechargeable Battery: Yes
Programmable Button: No
DPI: 3 Modes (1000 – 2400)
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Verbatim USB-C Mini Optical Travel Mouse on Amazon
Verbatim USB-C Mini Optical Travel MouseErgonomics: Ambidextrous
Connection: Wired
Buttons: 2
Rechargeable Battery: NA.
Programmable Button: No
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Macally USB C Mouse on Amazon
Macally USB C MouseErgonomics: Ambidextrous
Connection: Wired
Buttons: 3
Rechargeable Battery: NA.
Programmable Button: No
DPI: 4 (800 – 2400)
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seenda Bluetooth Mouse on Amazon
seenda Bluetooth MouseErgonomics: Ambidextrous
Connection: Wireless
Buttons: 3
Rechargeable Battery: Yes
Programmable Button: No
DPI: 3 (1000 – 2400)
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Hotlife LED Wireless Mouse on Amazon
Hotlife LED Wireless MouseErgonomics: Ambidextrous
Connection: Wireless
Buttons: 4
Rechargeable Battery: Yes
Programmable Button: No
DPI: 3 (800 – 1600)
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Xsutic Rechargeable Wireless Mouse on Amazon
Xsutic Rechargeable Wireless MouseErgonomics: Ambidextrous
Connection: Wireless
Buttons: 5
Rechargeable Battery: Yes
Programmable Button: No
DPI: 4 (800 – 3600)
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Best USB-C Mouse – Our Pick

1. Lenovo Go USB-C Essential Wireless Mouse – Best Overall/Versatile

The Lenovo Go USB-C Mouse is a versatile mouse. It is compact. It is lightweight. It is minimal in design. Yet, it packs in all the essential features you need.

The mouse features an ergonomic and ambidextrous design. Thus, it fits comfortably in the palm of your hands, and you can operate it with great ease. It is light, so you will not have a problem traveling with it tucked away in your bag. But there are plenty more features to consider.

Firstly, the mouse is wireless. Hence, you do not trouble yourself with tangles wires. The USB-C dongle can be hidden away in the body of the mouse when not in use.

For sensitivity, it offers three DPI settings ranging from 800 DPI to 2400 DPI. Thus, you can adjust it to just the right setting for you.

Next, the mouse also offers you a programmable button. As a result, you can launch your preferred application with just a click. You do not have to navigate menus or minimize windows to reach the application icon.

Finally, the mouse comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts for three months. It also comes with a quick charge feature. Charge the battery for 15 minutes, and it will see you through well over a week.

Our Take

The Lenovo Go USB-C mouse is a no-frills, compact, and all-inclusive pointing device. It lacks the aesthetics of a great-looking product but makes up by offering essential and usable features.

  • Quick charge batter ensure you are never out of charge
  • Three DPI settings to choose the sensitivity that suits your need
  • Programmable button for quick launch your application
  • Scroll wheel makes it easy to scroll documents and web pages
  • Silent buttons are ideal for offices
  • The simplistic design may not appeal to people looking for aesthetics
  • It lacks a USB-A/USB-C 2 in 1 receiver; hence you cannot use it with a USB-A port

2. Attoe USB C Mouse – Best USB C Gaming Mouse

Looking for a USB-C gaming mouse? The Attoe wired USB-C mouse has excellent RGB lighting and higher DPI levels for fast response times.

Most gaming rigs and PC builds feature some RGB lighting. Attoe USB-C Mouse comes with a wired USB-C connection and customizable RGB lighting. It has incredibly low latency and higher DPI, ensuring you send the right strike at the right time.

In terms of design, this USB-C gaming is ambidextrous with a black finish and RGB lights on the thumb rest, logo, and scroll wheel. It has six buttons, including the right, left, forward, backward, DPI switcher, and a button to switch among four RGB backlight modes. It has a 1.8m long USB-C cable that provides a fast connection with low latency.

Attoe USB C Mouse has four adjustable DPI levels; 800, 1600, 2400, and 3200. Thanks to its higher responsivity, it is perfect for daily productivity and competitive gaming. It may not have a higher DPI rating like high-end Razer gaming mice, but it’s the best you can get with Type-C connectivity.

Attoe USB C Mouse is compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS. However, the forward and backward buttons are not functional on Mac.

Our Take

Attoe USB C Mouse is a budget gaming mouse with USB-C. It offers lower latency with a USB-C wired connection, excellent for competitive gaming. Like most gaming rigs, you get customizable RGB lighting to light up your desk space. Attoe USB-C Mouse is a fast and great USB-C gaming muse that won’t break your bank.

  • Fast and accurate connections ensure you get low latency which is essential for gaming.
  • RGB lighting enhances the aesthetics of the mouse
  • Additional buttons ensure minimal scrolling action
  • Decent adjustable DPI levels provide an accurate representation
  • Not fully compatible with Mac
  • Wire adds to the clutter of the workstation

3. Vssoplor Type-C Wireless Mouse – USB-C Mouse for MacBook Pro

Vssoplor Type-C Wireless Mouse is another low-profile USB-C mouse for your MacBook Pro. It has an excellent design that can easily replace the Apple mouse and provides a more comfortable experience than the trackpad.

The Vssoplor features a handy design that fits both left and right-hand users. It has two buttons, a scroll wheel, and a micro-USB port for charging. There are three color choices: black with silver accent, black and blue, and black with wine red. A space grey option would have been better for mac, but the mouse still looks excellent and doesn’t feel cheap.

Vssoplor Type-C Wireless Mouse supports dual-mode with the included USB-A and USB-C 2.4 GHz receivers. This mouse provides a stable connection with no dropouts like other budget mice. It supports two devices simultaneously with a button to switch to either receiver easily.

Like most mice in this roundup, this USB-C mouse also comes with three DPI levels up to 2400. It provides a silent and responsive experience to boost your productivity with minimal distraction. Setting the mouse to a higher DPI level can give you higher sensitivity, perfect for gaming.

This USB-C mouse uses a rechargeable battery to eliminate the need to change AAA batteries regularly. It is plug-and-play on both macOS and Windows, and it supports compatible tablets and phones.

Our Take

With MacBook Pro having only USB-C ports, this Vssoplor Type-C Wireless Mouse can be a handy accessory to improve productivity. It has excellent sensitivity, is comfortable to use, and is fully compatible with Mac. The rechargeable battery is a perfect addition if you’re always on the move.

  • Ergonomic design ensures you can use the mouse for long without muscle strain.
  • Dual-mode allows you to work and switch between two computers conveniently
  • Quiet clicking avoids causing a disturbance in silent offices and homes
  • Broad compatibility with operation systems
  • You can store receivers in the mouse; hence there is little chance of losing the tiny device.
  • It does not have the best battery life
  • No programable buttons for quick launch applications

4. Verbatim USB-C Mini Optical Travel Mouse – Best USB-C Travel Mouse

Verbatim USB-C Mini Optical Travel Mouse features a retractable USB-C cable to give you a clean and convenient experience, whether on a plane, train, or bus. It’s a perfect accessory for your USB-C-enabled notebook if you’re always on the go.

But one may wonder, why don’t I get a wireless USB-C mouse?

The Verbatim USB-C Mini Optical Travel Mouse offers the benefits of a wired mouse, including low latency, in a clean, minimal design. You don’t have to wrap the USB-C cable around the mouse or deal with tangles. The cord retracts for a clutter-free working space and a small footprint for traveling.

The mouse features two buttons with a scroll wheel. It comes with an ambidextrous design making it comfortable on both hands. Choose among black, blue, purple, or red with silver accents. This mouse works on both Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is also the cheapest USB-C mouse in this roundup.

Our Take

Verbatim USB-C Mini Optical Travel Mouse is a USB-C wired mouse, but unlike the other mice, it has a retractable cable. It’s an ideal USB-C mouse for traveling and working on the go. Enjoy a fast, wired connection in a clean, ultraportable USB-C mouse.

  • The retractable cable ensures that there are no long wires that hinder your work
  • Ambidextrous design means that you can use it with both hands
  • Fast, stable connection means you get lag-free and responsive actions
  • Budget pricing means it is easy on the pocket
  • The cable can become damaged over time
  • Verbatim does not offer a wireless USB-C mouse
  • Wire adds to the clutter of the workstation

5. Macally USB C Mouse – Warranty and Customer Support

The Macally USB-C Mouse comes with a two-year warranty and lifetime customer support. This is considerable if you take its competition into account.

The mouse offers four sensitivity levels, starting from 800DPI and going up to 2400DPI. You can switch sensitivity modes with the click of a button. The mouse feature three silent-click buttons and a scroll wheel. It has an ergonomic design and fits comfortably in your palm.

The mouse uses a wired connection and comes with a five-foot l long wire. This makes it easy to connect it to CPU cabinets kept below the work surface. Also, it ensures an uninterrupted connection with the computer so that you can work without unnecessary disruptions.

Our Take

If you seek the comfort and security of a manufacturer’s support, you must consider this device. Macally offers you its best in terms of support. Additionally, you get broad compatibility with operating systems and new-age computers.

  • It offers four sensitivity modes to customize to your need.
  • You get broad compatibility with all operating systems, including iOS and Android.
  • 90% less click noise does not disturb people around you
  • Ambidextrous and Ergonomic design ensures your comfort
  • No programmable buttons to launch applications with one click
  • Wire adds to the clutter of the workstation

6. Seenda Bluetooth Mouse – Best for Multitasking

The Seenda Bluetooth and USB-C mouse differentiate itself from competitors by allowing you to connect to three computers simultaneously.

You can connect to two computers using Bluetooth 4.0 and connect to one more device using the USB-C receiver. Unfortunately, the switching mechanism is on the bottom of the mouse. This means you stop your work and flip over the device each time you need to switch.

The design is compact and ambidextrous. Thus, making it great for travel. You get a silent click button, three sensitivity modes, and a rechargeable battery. However, Seenda does not offer you a Type C charging cable. Instead, you get a micro-USB-to-USB-A charging cable.

Our Take

People who have to work on multiple computers simultaneously will find this mouse a godsend. If you do not mind enduring the inconvenient switching mechanism, you can work on multiple devices.

  • Connects to three computers simultaneously to allow multitasking
  • Three sensitivity modes to customize to your need
  • A rechargeable battery ensures you do not need to worry about availability.
  • Silent-click buttons do not cause disturbance
  • No programmable button for quick launch applications
  • It lacks a Type-C charging cable that may defeat the purpose of the USB-C mouse in some cases.
  • Inconvenient way to switch between computers causes interruptions

7. Hotlife LED Wireless Mouse – Budget

The mouse from Hotlife offers a mixed bag of features and makes it look good.

The mouse comes with RGB lighting that makes the device look fantastic and enhances the aesthetics of your workstation. The mouse uses a wireless connection and comes with a 2-in-1 receiver. Thus, you can choose between a USB-A or USB-C connection.

The mouse also comes with its share of disappointments. However, keep in mind the price, and it is a steal.

For instance, you get a rechargeable battery, so you do not have to keep extra batteries handy. Unfortunately, the battery takes two hours to charge and will not last beyond ten days.

Next, you get an additional button. Ideally, you should be allowed to program it to launch an application of your choice. Instead, you click on it, and it will minimize all the windows and return to the desktop.

Also, the mouse offers a 2-in-1 receiver with USB-A and USB-C connections. However, it does not provide a dual-mode to allow simultaneous use with two computers.

Our Take

This mouse from Hotlife offers a little of everything and backs it with RGB lighting. This makes the device look good while giving you all the essentials. This mouse could have gone from good to great with a little more tweaking.

  • RGB lighting enhance the look of the mouse and your workstation
  • 2-in-1 receiver gives you the flexibility of both USB-A and USB-C
  • One-click button to return to desktop helps improve productivity
  • Three sensitivity modes to choose from
  • Economical price
  • Poor battery life means you need to charge the mouse often
  • Lacks dual-mode to connect to two computers simultaneously
  • No programmable button for quick launch of applications

8. Xsutic Rechargeable Wireless Mouse – Aesthetics

This mouse from Xsutic offers you an aesthetic device and comes with plenty of useful features. The 6-button design provides excellent control at your fingertips.

The mouse comes with a 2-in-1 receiver enabling you to use it with USB-A or USB-C port. It uses an optical sensor that allows for easy use on all kinds of surfaces. Thus, you can carry the device anywhere without much trouble.

The mouse uses a 700mAH rechargeable battery that you can charge using the USB-C port. Though the RGB lighting looks great, it can drain the battery. For this, Xsutic provides you with a switch to turn off the RGB lighting.

Staying with switch and button, you get six buttons in all. This includes forward and backward buttons, a scroll wheel, left and right buttons and a control to toggle DPI settings.

The Xsutic mouse has four sensitivity modes starting from 800DPI up to 3600DPI. These are the highest you will find in the market.

Our Take

The Xsutic mouse offers you all the essential features. With a 6-button design, you get greater control at your fingertips. Further, 3600DPI offers you the best sensitivity you can buy.

  • RGB Lighting lends aesthetics to your workstation
  • Four sensitivity modes allow you to customize the setting to your need
  • 2-in-1 receiver gives you the flexibility of both USB-A and USB-C
  • Six buttons provide more control on the mouse
  • The mouse does not offer dual-mode to work on two computers simultaneously
  • No programmable button for one-click application launch

Best USB-C Mouse – Our Buying Guide

Choosing a USB-C mouse does not have to be complicated. The most important thing is identifying what you’re going to use the mouse for, such as gaming or graphics design. For daily productivity tasks, most mice can suffice, but if you want the best options in the market, here is what to look for when looking for a USB-C mouse:


Ergonomics is a critical factor when choosing a mouse. You don’t want to suffer from wrist pain and repetitive stress injuries. Getting a comfortable mouse is vital when you intend to use the mouse for more extended periods.

An ergonomic mouse can help you prevent injuries and strain even when using your machine for the whole day. Some mice are designed for either left-handed or right-handed users. Ambidextrous mice are the most popular since they fit both hands perfectly.


Are you looking for a wireless or a wired USB-C mouse? Wired mice are excellent for gaming and graphic design because of their incredibly low latency. On the other hand, wireless mice let you create a clean setup with no cable clutter.

Wireless mice can use a Type-C receiver or Bluetooth. Bluetooth mice don’t need any receiver they connect directly to the Bluetooth on your PC. If the mouse comes with a receiver, make sure you have an available USB-C port.

Battery life is critical when choosing a wireless rechargeable mouse. High-end wireless mice can last more than two months on a single charge. However, most manufacturers point out the battery life if it is impressive. Other mice use removable AAA batteries if you’re ready to change disposable batteries all the time.


Ordinary mice feature two buttons and a scroll wheel. However, you’ll find others with additional buttons and scroll wheels. If you’re working with Adobe Photoshop and other photo and video editing apps, getting extra buttons can significantly boost your workflow. Most generic mice should work fine for daily use, such as browsing.

Best USB-C Mouse – Frequently Asked Question

What Is A USB-C Mouse?

A USB-C mouse is a wired or wireless mouse with Type-C connectivity. USB-C mice come with a USB Type-C receiver or a Type-C port for charging. They are compatible with the latest laptops and desktops that feature USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Is USB-C Mouse Good for Gaming?

Yes, you can use a USB-C mouse for gaming. However, manufacturers such as Razer and Corsair are yet to release high-end USB-C gaming mice. If you play eSports or any competitive games, you’re better off with the existing USB-A gaming mice.

Can You Use A USB-C Mouse with A Phone?

USB-C mice can work with any phone with a USB Type-C port. You can use a USB-C to Lightning Adapter to connect a USB-C mouse to an iPhone.

How to Connect A USB-C Mouse?

USB-C mice can be wired or wireless. A wireless USB-C mouse uses a USB Type-C receiver, which connects to your laptop. A wired and USB-C mouse with a receiver requires an open Type-C port on your PC.

Other USB-C wireless mice, such as the Logitech MX Master 3, come with Bluetooth connectivity and a USB-C port for charging. Such mice use Bluetooth to connect directly to your PC and leverage USB-C for fast charging capabilities.

Some of the USB-C wireless in this article support dual-mode, which means they can connect via Bluetooth or Type-C receiver, supporting two devices simultaneously. Some rechargeable wireless mice support up to three devices with an additional USB-A receiver.

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