How to fix Roborock Laser Sensor Error 1

Roborock S5 Max and tools to fix Laser error 1
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Although Roborock makes some sweet robot vacuums, sometimes finding a technician to repair them is problematic. In my experience, I’ve contacted 2 local repair shops and the official European support provider with little success.

After a few days of unproductive emails back and forth, I’ve realized that I’m not making any progress and I’ve started researching forums on how to fix this common error.

Turns out it only takes about 15 minutes to do it yourself.

The issue: “Laser Unit Error 1”

The Laser Distance Sensor  (the spinning-orange-camera-thing) is not moving anymore. This prevents the robot from vacuuming and it stops.

Xiaomi Laser unit fix attempt 1

The official support department recommended that I try moving it with a pen, just in case it is stuck. This did not fix the issue, but I guess it was worth a shot.

The Fix

After researching a bit, I found out that it most common cause for the laser unit error is either a stuck electrical engine or a broken electrical engine. Before ordering new parts, I’ve decided to try jump-starting the engine.

New engines can be found on Amazon, such as this one (Amazon Link), but I recommend first trying to jump-start yours.

Ok, no more fooling around, it’s time to open the beast.

If you decided that labor is not for you, and you’d rather get a new, upgraded, self-emptying model, check out our article

Step 1. Get your tools

The tools needed are in the image: a Philips screwdriver, one 9v battery, 2 paperclips (or wires if you have some)

Roborock LSD FIX Tools
Roborock, Screwdriver, 9 Volt Battery, 2 Paper Clips

Step 2. Remove the Top Lid

The top part is not screwed in so you can just pull it out. Make sure you’re gentle about it.

Roborock V2 with Lid removed

Step 3. Unscrew the 8 Marked Screws

In order to gain access to the motor, we’re going to need to remove several screws and void our warranty in the process. If you’re not ready to give up your warranty then stop now.

Warning, this will void your warranty.

screws to remove to gain access to the LDS
Keep a cup or a teabag holder nearby to store the screws.

Step 4. Remove the bottom lid

After removing the screws, the bottom lid can now be removed.  The next screws are covered with 3 rubber caps. Use a paper clip or the screwdriver to remove them.

Remove the marked white rubber caps to reveal the next screws you need to remove.
The screws after the white rubber caps were removed. Unscrew them and put them into your screw cup safely.

Step 5. Remove the white plastic protecting the Laser Distance Sensor

After removing the 3 screws from the previous step, the white top should come out to expose the orange LDS.

Step 6. Remove the Laser Distance Sensor

Unscrew the 4 circled screws.

closeup of lase unit

Step 7. Jumpstart the little engine that couldn’t

Now that you have access to the motor, you can give it a 9V boost to attempt to get it unstuck.

You can use wires or paper clips if you have no wires around.

The Black wire is the Negative and the Red one is the Positive charge.

Connect the Negative charge of the battery to the Black, contact and the Positive part of the battery to the Red contact.

Negative to Black Contact, Positive to Red Contact. Do not let the paperclips touch as it may result in excessive heating.

Success, the laser unit started moving! 5 Seconds should be enough, don’t overdo it!

Roborock Laser Motor Jump Start 9V

If nothing happens when you try to jump start it, it probably means that the motor is broken. You’ll need to order a new one online and replace it.  You can get one really cheap from Amazon

Step 8. Put everything back together and test the Vacuum

You can follow this guide in reverse order to put things back.

Success! Laser Error is fixed!

  1. Hi, I successfully jump started my motor! However when I put it all back together it still has the error. I would consider buying the new part however I wonder if it is something else? I cleaned every socket and connection o could find but still no good. Is there anything else I should check? The fact I could jump start the motor with the 9v battery means the motor is ok or should I try a new motor regardless?

  2. It happened to me as well, I had to jump-start the motor 3 times in a month, but after that, it worked without issues.

    You can try jump-starting it again.

  3. Hi, I ordered a new motor and replaced it. The lazer unit starts to spin, however the robot still doesnt start moving and gives again Error 1. Do you know what might be the reason and how to fix it?

  4. You are seriously my new hero!! My husband and I just did this and our Roborock is working again. You saved us hundreds. A million thanks!!!

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