Upcoming Neoket event is Basically Comiket in VR

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monoAI technology, the brainchild behind popular VR and AR app hosting service XR Cloud, will cooperate with Pixiv (a very popular Japanese online community for artists) to open Neoket, a VR event where attendees can gather to interact and purchase doujinshi online.

If you’re one of those already itching to attend an anime convention this year after a certain still-ongoing global incident, then you’re definitely not alone.

But before Comiket in Japan even resumes its normal schedule in Spring of this year, Neoket will introduce a VR interaction space where the massively popular biannual fanfic fair and its elements will be replicated.

At the center of this event is none other than monoAI technology’s XR Cloud platform.

With the hosting service, attendees may log in using their preferred 3D avatars, while interacting with other attendees and exploring the many different virtual stalls and centers across the virtual map.

Basically, they can “walk” around, and choose to occupy a certain “world” (event section) that they want to visit or look into while inside Neoket.

According to the official event details, a total of two hundred different circles (fanfic groups) will be present in ten different “worlds”, with twenty circles occupying each “world”. A maximum of about 1,000 attendees can occupy a single “world”, although monoAI technology explains that the entire Neoket event will only be able to hold around 15,000 attendees total.

Of course, much like an actual doujinshi fair like Comiket or Reitaisai, Neoket will allow attendees to shop at the booths of the circles that they visit. The screenshots seem to show that the fanfic titles will be visible for title sampling, in probably a way that is not too different from when you’re physically attending the actual event.

Insightful Vid: Get ready for NEOKET – Virtual Doujin Market Place!

Get ready for NEOKET - Virtual Doujin Market Place!

For monoAI technology, it hopes that this “online Comiket” will be yet another idea that has the potential to grow and spread, as with all the numerous game-related (VR) interaction concepts that were already developed and implemented on its servers.

Apart from the social distancing thing, of course.

Who can attend the event?

Those interested in attending the Neoket event should register at its official XR Cloud page. The steps outlined are:

  1. Create an XR CLOUD account
  2. Get a participation ticket for free
  3. Download the event-specific application and check the official website for further details

For the event schedule itself, it will be open (online) on January 30th, 2021, from 11:00 AM to 06:00 PM (JST).

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