Best Ultrawide USB-C Monitors for Laptops

Featured Image - Best Ultrawide USB-C Monitors for Laptops
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Most of us spend several hours on our laptops during the day. Even if we may not feel it yet, the computer that we are so used to being hunched over is having a severe impact on our health, causing back pain, arthritis and is extremely bad for breathing.

On top of this, having a bad posture also has a profound effect on an individual’s mood as well. People with incorrect positions while working tend to be at a higher risk of suffering from depression.

While a comfortable posture, on the other hand, tends to energize and makes one feel more motivated to work. It helps in keeping focused, and in this way, increase the productivity of your work.

But even if people are knowledgeable about the best ergonomic practices, most of us still experience adverse effects from bad posture while using the laptop. This fact suggests that the design intrinsically bad for the user[1].

One of the best ways to change your posture is to limit your laptop use to a minimum. Now, although that may sound a bit difficult, it is quite possible to do so. Buying a separate monitor can go a long way in getting your work done, without being hunched over a laptop.

Monitors can be placed on a surface at a comfortable level with your eyes. A separate keyboard (wireless) and a mouse would be perfect with that monitor. Therefore, all you need is a USB-C monitor, table, chair, keyboard, and a mouse to set yourself free from your laptop and increase your productivity.

USB-C has been becoming prevalent at a breakneck pace in the electronics world. It is evident from the present situation that the USB Type-C is well on its way to become a universal port in the real sense. The port can be discovered on a plethora of devices these days. Devices ranging from smartphones and laptops to external drives and monitors find it necessary to feature a USB-C port.

Why is USB-C so Popular?

USB-C is a standard connector serving the dual purpose of data transmission, and power delivery agreed.

It is what makes the port so familiar with all the world’s electronic gadgets. Apart from the Apple Lightning Port, USB Type C has faced little competition. In the present state of affairs, even the Lightning Port is slowly vanishing, with rumors of the next iPhone being port less. With the theoretical speed limit of 10 GB/s, it becomes the perfect choice to go with monitors.

Use of USB-C in Monitors

With the USB-C cable, life becomes more manageable. One can easily connect their laptop to a monitor, charging the device at the same time, with the use of only one cable. Most of the USB-C monitors can also act as a docking station for the keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals.

At a Glance – Our Top Picks

Image Product Details Check Price
Dell U-Series
Dell U-Series Specs: Resolution: 3840 x 1600, Refresh Rate: 60Hz Display:34” Ports: 1 X USB-C, 2 X HDMI, 2 X DisplayPort, 6 X USB 3.0, KVM: Yes, Power Output: 45W , Panel: IPS panel
Benefits: Crisp Picture Quality, 2-5 years Warranty, Built-In Speakers
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LG 34WN80C
LG 34WN80C Specs: Resolution: 3440 x 1440, Refresh Rate: 60Hz Display:34” Ports: 1 X USB-C, 2 X HDMI, 1 X DisplayPort, 2 X USB-A, KVM: Yes Power Output: 60W , Panel: IPS panel
Benefits: IPS Display, Built-In KVM
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ViewSonic VP3481
ViewSonic VP3481 Specs: Resolution: 3440 x 1440, Refresh Rate: 100Hz Display:34” Ports: 1 X USB-C, 1 X HDMI, 1 X DisplayPort, 1 X USB-A, 2 X USB-B, KVM: Yes, Power Output: 60W , Panel: IPS panel
Benefits: High Refresh Rate, Built-In Speakers, Pre-Calibrated for Color Accuracy
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Samsung CJ91
Samsung CJ91 Specs: Resolution: 3440 x 1440, Refresh Rate: 100Hz Display:34” Ports: 2 X TB3 (USB-C), 1 X HDMI, 1 X DisplayPort, 2 X USB 2.0, KVM: Yes , Power Output: 85W, Panel: WA panel
Benefits: Thunderbolt Ports, Clinical Curvature (1500R)
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Acer XR382CQK
Acer XR382CQK Specs: Resolution: 3840 x 1600, Refresh Rate: 75Hz Display:37.5” Ports: 1 X USB-C, 1 X HDMI, 1 X DisplayPort, 1 X MHL 2.1, KVM: No , Power Output: 65W, Panel: IPS panel
Benefits: Built-In Speakers, Three-year warranty, Large Display Screen
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Samsung 34
Samsung 34" CH890 Specs: Resolution: 3440 x 1440, Refresh Rate: 100Hz Display:34” Ports: 1 X USB-C, 1 X 2.0, 1 X HDMI, 1 X DisplayPort, 2 X USB 3.0, KVM: No, Power Output: 45W , Panel: WA panel
Benefits: 1800R Curvature Suitable for Human Eye, Decent Refresh Rate
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Dell U3419W
Dell U3419W Specs: Resolution: 3440 x 1440, Refresh Rate: 60Hz Display:34” 1 X USB-C, 2 X DisplayPort, 6 X USB 3.0, KVM: Yes, Power Output: 90W, Panel: IPS panel
Benefits: Pre Calibrated Color Accuracy, 100% Coverage sRGB, Generous No of Ports
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BenQ EX3501R
BenQ EX3501R Specs: Resolution: 3440 x 1440, Refresh Rate: 100Hz Display:34” Ports: 1 X USB-C, 2 X HDMI, 1 X DisplayPort, 2 X USB 3.0, KVM: No, Power Output: 10W, Panel: IPS panel
Benefits: HDR Supported, Good Refresh Rate, Light Sensor
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1. Dell U-Series


As apparent from their tag ‘Ultra-Wide,’ these monitors have a huge screen. The screen of the monitor is curved. Erect on a stand; the monitor is not able to rotate on its axis. Although the height of the monitor is adjustable by sliding the monitor on its position.

Furthermore, users have the freedom to pivot the screen. If required, the display screen can also be tilted slightly. There is a rubbery grip at the bottom that resists the monitor sliding on the surface of your table.

The aspect ratio of the screen is so broad that it kills the need for having two monitors to display your workspace. It has been marketed by the makers, that the Dell monitor provides more than 24 percent of screen display space than the other 34-inches in the market. The curved screen gives the user a feeling as if the display has enveloped them. Considering televisions, most people think of this as a disadvantage. A thing to keep in mind is that with a monitor, its different, as the screen is not viewable by several viewers at a time. The curve surely makes the whole experience more immersive.


The Dell U series monitor is a real beast when it comes to size. The display is 34-inch wide. In the market, some monitor displays as full as 49-inches are also available to buy. The Dell Ultra-Wide provides resolution up to 3840 x 1600. That does not make the display 4K, but it is quite reasonable. You won’t be able to perceive any distinct pixels. Some of you guys would want to use this monitor for gaming, even though it isn’t genuinely suitable for that. It does not support G-Sync, and the max refresh rate that you’ll probably get will be 60Hz.

The monitor also has A pair of 9 Watt speakers. The extra size of the screen paves the way for more space in the monitor. It has led to the inclusion of these quality speakers. The sound quality is decent, and the voice crisp. But, they are not enough to be able to have a party without external speakers or watch movies.

Connectivity Ports

There are plenty of ports included, including the Type-C. One can find two HDMI and USB upstream ports. There are Four downstream ports present as well. A display port and an audio jack port. The USB-C port also supports the Power Delivery feature for quick charging your devices.

Our Take

The monitor is exceptional as far as its features and design are concerned. Its color accuracy, as well as its sharp picture, makes it stand out from the crowd. The lack of adaptive sync and low refresh rate shouldn’t be a problem as this device is meant for productivity work and not gaming.

  • Crisp Picture Quality
  • 2-5 years Warranty
  • Built-In Speakers
  • Power Output: 45
  • Pricey
  • Heavy

2. LG 34WN80C


The LG monitor is a monitor with a more common 34-inch widescreen. This monitor also packs a curved screen. It is used both for work and plays. As it is a widescreen monitor, it is going to take a chunk of your space on your table, but not as much as the 38 – inch monitor we have reviewed above. Its makers are marketing it as a zero-bezel display, which, according to them, means that the monitor is virtually borderless. The screen of the monitor reaches almost to the edges of the monitor.

Unlike most monitors, the stand base has a curved shape. You can tilt you monitor or pivot it. Utilization of split-screen features can help make multitasking way more comfortable than before.


The LG monitors offer a plethora of features. The monitor has an aspect ratio of 21:9. It helps the work of graphic designers and video editors significantly easy. Video footage is observable while displaying numerous effects and filters.

Its IPS display makes the screen viewable from several different angles. You would not have to worry about viewing angles while working on this monitor. The monitor offers HDR contrast, which is responsible for making images more explicit.

The refresh of the monitor is limited to 60 Hz. Furthermore, the monitor also has FreeSync enabled. It makes it a very reasonable choice for gamers to consider. It is especially considering that the monitor is also not very pricey, as some of its competitors. LG also provides the capability to pair up your laptops with the monitor using a USB-C cable.

Connectivity Ports

A total of seven ports are present on the rear side of the monitor. It features two USB-A and HDMI ports. A single USB-C port and one Display Port is also featured. You will also be able to connect a headphone. The USB-C port has a 60W output, perfect for charging most laptops. It also features built-in KVM.

Our Take

The monitor packs some certain remarkable features. There are a few downsides as well. The display does not have any built-in speakers. The refresh rate of the monitor is just 60Hz. The accuracy of the colors is quite remarkable, which leads to a crisp display result. FreeSync opens it up to a much more significant portion of potential customer-base.

  • IPS Display
  • Built-In KVM
  • Power Output: 60W
  • No Built-In speakers

3. ViewSonic VP3481


ViewSonic VP3481 has a 34 inches widescreen. The screen is curvy in shape. VP3481 has an aspect ratio of 21:9. Its curved design helps in delivering an immersive experience to its users. If you have been using a monitor with a flat-screen, the change to a panoramic screen will be a welcome change. The bezels that come with the display are ultra-thin. Additionally, the quality of the display show offers images with vivid hues and improbable detail.

Its stand has a bifurcated tube evolving from it that has the monitor screen attached to it. The bifurcation allows users to pass any wires through it that the user may want to connect with the monitor. The base from which the shaft emerges is quite broad, helping in providing stable support to the screen. The tube and its stand are plastic made, but the plastic seems sturdy. The height is adjustable, and users can also tilt and swivel their screen according to their liking.


ViewSonic has included plenty of features with its curved monitor. The VP3481 has got a very decent refresh rate of about 100Hz. This frame rate is going to be very helpful for game developers as well as video editors, as they would be able to see content at rates similar to their respective end-users. Also, it comes loaded with the AMD FreeSync tech. The monitor is Color-calibrated for color accuracy right out of the box.

You’ll also be able to adjust the six primary colors individually. Furthermore, HDR10 content support will make the image crisp and clear. USB-C port is present to connect your laptop

In case you want split screens, you will be able to choose from a generous selection of templates. ViewSonic View Split software helps in selecting the appropriate models.

The Screen has built-in speakers as well. It arrives with a unique Sonic Mode. With this, you can choose from three different settings, either Music, Theatre, or Standard, to suit your needs.

Connectivity Ports

The company has included an industry-leading KVM Switch tech. Users can make use of the USB-C to manage any devices that may be connected to the display screen, using a keyboard or a mouse. Besides, it has two USB 3.1 Type-A ports, a single USB 3.1 Type B, and Type-C port. An HDMI 2.0 port and a Display Port alongside an audio out are also there for providing connectivity. The USB Type-C port can deliver 60 watts output for charging your gadgets.

Our Take

ViewSonic can make beautiful monitors. This display screen has a massive load of features. The color accuracy is superior, as well as the refresh rate. You also get built-in speakers with it. Multitasking also is smooth, thanks to View Sonic’s exclusive software. Its weight can be the only significant downsides to the monitor.

  • High Refresh Rate
  • Built-In Speakers
  • Pre-Calibrated for Color Accuracy
  • 60W power output
  • Manual Button Controls (OSD)

4. Samsung CJ91


Samsung CJ791 is quite a worthy addition to the Samsung family of monitors. It is an ultra-wide monitor, having a curved screen. Its manufacturer is marketing the QLED monitor as a gaming monitor, but it is suitable for all kinds of work. The screen of the display is 34 inches wide, and its aspect ratio stands at 21:9. The aspect ratio makes it possible to leave behind the uncomfortable dual-screen scenarios by providing a split-screen for multitasking. Samsung fashioned the curve of the screen by keeping in regard, the natural curvature of the human eye. It resulted in a relaxed-looking experience. Its refresh rate is 100Hz.

Its screen is bezel-less with a sleek looking back panel, that is very handy in hiding any mess created by cables. The stand of the CJ791 is flat and round. It helps the device to stay firm and not wobble much. The height is adjustable per a user’s viewing needs. You can also tilt the monitor, but it does not allow any swiveling or rotation. Hence the poor ergonomics may be a deal-breaker for some.


Samsung CJ791 is amply loaded when it comes to its features. The panel of the display monitor is 10-bit. This reading is an indication that the screen is capable of more than a billion colors while wrapping more than 120 % of sRGB. It offers a max resolution of 3440 x 1440, which is quite sufficient for all kinds of work. Also, the refresh rate of the monitor is about a hundred hertz. A refresh rate of a hundred hertz coupled with a response rate of 4 ms makes it perfect for gaming as well.

CJ791 offers a Picture-by-Picture (PBP), as well as a Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode. The PIP makes it possible for users to resize secondary displays, while PBP is there to let you be able to show content from two PCs at max resolution.

Inclusion of Thunderbolt 3 is perhaps the most crucial feature of the Samsung CJ91. It has two TB 3 ports studded at its rear to provide a seamless connection with macs, laptops, and PCs. This port is capable of offering data transmission speeds unparalleled by any other port used in computers. In addition to transmission of data at speeds touching 40 GBPS, you can also charge your devices with this port. Speakers are also present in the monitor.

Connectivity Ports

The monitor has a TB3 KVM. It has two thunderbolt3 ports. It includes a single HDMI and Display Port as well as two USB 2.0 and a 3.5mm audio jack. The TB3 port has an output of 85 W to charge devices.

Our Take

There are plenty of excellent features with the CJ791. The most attractive of these can be the inclusion of the Thunderbolt three port in the monitor. Color quality and accuracy is exceptional as well as the screen curvature.

  • Thunderbolt Ports
  • Clinical Curvature (1500R)
  • 85W USB-C Power Output
  • 100Hz Refresh Rate
  • No HDR

5. Acer XR382CQK


Having a screen that is 37.5 inches ultrawide, the Acer XR382CQK is bound to look impressive. Akin to most of the high-tech monitors out in the market, the display of the Acer is also curved. One of the unique characteristics of its screen is that it has a coating of an anti-glare substance. It helps easy viewing in harsh sunlight. There is no effect of the layer on image clarity. At the bottom of the display, some LEDs are present that are programmable to either give a constant glow or flash.

As the device is quite big, it takes a large amount of space on tables. The stand of the monitor is not very large. The aluminum stand has a handle at its one end that helps in moving the display with ease. It also permits users to adjust the height, tilt, and rotate the monitor.

Manual buttons are present at the rear of the display on the right side. A joystick, as well as three buttons, are present, of which two are programmable by the user. A Power button is also situated nearby.


The 37.5-inch widescreen has a curvature of 2300R. Acer’s monitor screen provides a QHD display with a screen resolution of 3840 x 1600. Its aspect ratio is 21:9, and the IPS panel makes it viewable from different angles. The refresh rate of the XR382CQK is 75 hertz. It also offers AMD FreeSync tech.

Its QHD display is responsible for clear and realistic images. The quality of it is sharp and very detailed. 2300R curvature makes possible a genuinely immersive experience for its users. The screen also features a 100 percent coverage of sRGB colors, as well as the capability of adjusting the six primary colors. You can find built-in 7W speakers too on the monitor.

Connectivity Ports

Users can find a single USB-C, Display Port, and HDMI port at the rear of the device. Additionally, an MHL 2.1 is also present there. It lacks any built-in features for KVM switching. The USB-C port has a 65W output, perfect for charging most laptops.

Our Take

There aren’t many 38-inch monitors available to buy on the market. Acer has done an exceptional job putting together a whole bunch of features into a humungous display. The resolution is excellent a well as the compatibility of AMD FreeSync tech. We would recommend buying this monitor as long as users aren’t concerned with the price.

  • Built-In Speakers
  • Three-year warranty
  • Large Display Screen
  • Power Output: 65W
  • Absence of Blur-Reduction

6. Samsung 34″ CH890


Samsung’s CH890 is a curved high-resolution monitor, with USB-C. Its screen is about 34 inches wide. The monitor is an upgrade from the F791, which was a business monitor. This display monitor has an additional USB C port and some other minor adjustments to its design.

The exterior of the monitor is a dull matte black, which makes it seem like it will look more appropriate sitting in an office. Although the makers are marketing the screen as having a bezel-less display, you can still see thin bezels around the bottom.

CH890 is VESA supported, so you won’t be having any problems installing on a wall. The ergonomics of the screen are not very impressive. Yes, you will be able to tilt the screen as well as rotate it. Its height can also be adjusted suiting to your needs, but you won’t be able to pivot the display. Although it is not a must-have for a curved screen monitor, it is a good thing to have.


The display of the screen is flicker-free. Like the other Samsung monitor we have reviewed above, the CH890 also has a 1800R curvature.

The resolution of the screen is 3440 x 1440. That’s greater than resolution than monitors offering FHD displays. An aspect ratio of 21:9 is going to save you from having multiple display screens. It helps in performing numerous tasks. The refresh rate of the screen is 100 hertz.

A Picture by Picture screen mode lets users have dual displays on a single screen, while the original quality of image quality stays the same. PIP mode allows users to resize images of the second display while maintaining a full view of one screen in the background.

It has a USB-C port that can help charge your devices as well.

Connectivity Ports

The monitor has two USB 2.0 ports, as well as a similar number of USB 3.0 ports. One of the USB 3.0 ports is a Type-C. An HDMI port and a Display Port 2.0 is present for connectivity. There is no built-in KVM switch with this model. 45 W is the maximum charging power supported by the USB-C port.

Our Take

Samsung is a great monitor for using it as an office monitor, but you can also play games on it. The inclusion of the USB-C makes it a far better choice than its predecessors. It has a decent refresh rate but does not support any adaptive sync tech. The color quality is also not very impressive, although the price is reasonable.

  • 1800R Curvature Suitable for Human Eye
  • Decent Refresh Rate
  • 100Hz
  • Power Output: 45W
  • Un-Pivotable Screen

7. Dell U3419W


Dell also has been making strides in the monitor market alongside other tech giants. The Dell U3419W features a curved screen that is 34 inches wide. Its screen covers a full sRGB gamut. There isn’t any adaptive sync featured by the monitor, and it has an ordinary refresh rate, which makes it more suitable for office use. Dell has added a USB-C port to the monitor also.

The entire frame of the Dell monitor has a thin bezel. The max height of the display screen is shy of 22 inches. Using this device, you will not be able to pivot your monitor. It supports rotation of about 29 degrees on each side while you’ll be able to tilt it from 5 to 21 degrees. The rotation is possible because of a rotating disk at the bottom of the monitor.

There is no joystick. In its place are small buttons to manually adjust settings of the monitor. They are a bit too small, and a joystick in their position would have been a better choice.


The screen has a QHD resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels, with a large curved screen. It also features Inplane Switching (IPS) technology, which is very useful for better viewing angles in monitors and LCDs these days. The refresh rate of the monitor is only about 60 Hz. There is no HDR capability, as well as any adaptive sync in the display monitor.

There are also 9-watt speakers present in the monitor. An audio jack (3.55mm) is present in the rear of the display monitor. The curved monitor comes calibrated out of the box for colors. The aspect ratio of the screen is 21:9. It also boasts of a flicker-free screen. The display screen features PIP as well as PBP tech. It features a USB C port as well. A KVM featured by the monitor can come in handy when you need to switch between multiple applications through a keyboard or a mouse.

Connectivity Ports

This monitor has a plethora of ports. It includes four USB 3 downstream ports, one display port, a single USB-C port, and two USB 3 upstream ports. The USB-C has an output of 90 watts, that has built-in surge protection. It does have a built-in KVM feature.

Our Take

The monitor has eleven ports in total, including a USB-C port. The monitor is better suited for office needs. It would be best if you weren’t using it for gaming. You have many options using the USB-C port to charge your stuff. Also, it comes calibrated for color accuracy right out of the box. The absence of HDR is one of its significant cons. This monitor should be bought by those who aren’t planning to use it for gaming.

  • Pre Calibrated Color Accuracy
  • 100% Coverage sRGB
  • Generous No of Ports
  • Power Output: 90W
  • No HDR

8. BenQ EX3501R


BenQ’s EX350IR is a curved QHD monitor with an ultrawide 34 inches widescreen. The aspect ratio of the monitor is 21:9, and it is very decent for multitasking. Whether you are playing games or watching videos, you will be going through an immersive experience as a result of the ultra wide screen. Adding curvature to the display adds more to the user experience.

Its curvature is about 1800R, similar to the Samsung monitors that we have revied here in this article. It is perfect for the human eye and does not cause any strain. It indicates that 3000R screens are best suited for uses like watching TV and videos. With BenQ, you’ll probably have to sit closer to your work station.

The stand of the monitor is a metal made and has a sturdy feel to it. Users will be able to adjust tilt as well as the height of the monitor. Vertically the monitor is adjustable up to 60mm. The inclination is adjustable between 20 degrees and -5. The screen and the stand need to be attached manually for the first time. You won’t be needing a screwdriver to connect the base to the monitor.

There are thin bezels along the sides of the display screen. Although it is not bezel-free, it has ultra-thin bezels. While using a multi-monitor display, the edges will be visible. The bezel at the bottom of the monitor is thicker than the others as there are buttons present.


Plenty of features are present in BenQ’s monitor. The aspect ratio of the panoramic screen is 21:9. The resolution of the screen is 3440×1440 pixels. A sensor is located near the buttons to adjust the brightness of the screen automatically and to adapt the intensity of the screen according to the lighting of the environment. The sensor is patented by BenQ and provides a flicker-free viewing experience. So with the patented ‘eye-care for extended play.’ You’ll have less eye strain and fatigue.

The monitor includes a USB-C cable that can display a 2k video. HDR is responsible for remarkably detailed images. It works by making the dark regions darker and bright areas more explicit. It offers a refresh rate of hundred hertz coupled with the AMD FreeSync Compatibility.

When tested, the input lag came out to be a pretty reasonable 14 ms, while the g2g pixel response stood at a decent 4 ms. Maximum power consumption just 55 Watts. It also has built-in speakers with it.

Connectivity Ports

The makers included a bunch of ports on this monitor. It has a single USB-C port, HDMI 2.0 ports which are two in number, a single Display Port, dual USB 3.0 ports as well as a headphone 3.5mm audio jack. The model does not have a built-in KVM switch. The USB-C has a power rating of a meager 10W.

Our Take

BenQ’s monitor has come out with a feature-rich monitor. Some of which is quite interesting considering the built-in light sensor and the HDR10. It also features built-in speakers. Despite all these features, it still lacks some critical characteristics like a built-in KVM switch. Also, the power output of the USB-C port is too low to charge most of your devices. You’ll be able to charge light devices at best only smartphones through the port. Although there are sufficient ports present on the monitor, their positioning is not entirely satisfactory. The display needs to be turned upside down to see the ports. This monitor is suited for those seeking a low priced device.

  • HDR Supported
  • Good Refresh Rate
  • Light Sensor
  • Absent Built-In KVM
  • Low Power output USB-C
  • Unimpressive Ergonomics
  • Power Output: 10W


[1] S. Elias, “Knowledge and Practice of Laptop Ergonomics and Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Symptoms among University Students,” The Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia, 2019.

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