“Shinsekai” Movie Concept Showcases the Latest in Ultra HD 3D Scanning

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CyberHuman Productions reaches out to potential supporters today with a YouTube video. It introduces a possible movie concept, and the clip shown on the trailer seems to demonstrate the latest in ultra-HD real-time 3D scanning technology.

The Message and Idea

The YouTube video opens with a message from long-time director Kazuaki Kiriya. He explains how the following trailer is designed as a movie concept, and that it has been long planned to be crowdfunded.

After elaborating a bit on the film industry’s hardships last year due to a certain human malware issue, he ends his intro with a request for anyone with the technical capability to join and assist them in this independent film venture.

『新世界』パイロットムービー 紀里谷和明コメント付きバージョン

For the pilot trailer itself, Shinsekai (lit. “New World”) as a complete movie project is slated for a premiere sometime in 2022. In order to create the characters and action scenes, CyberHuman productions used very high-resolution 3D scanning technologies. This technology is kind of similar to what has been used in titles such as the Star Wars films of recent years.

However, at least from an ordinary viewer standpoint, the fidelity of the scene with the 3D scanned characters feels almost like it is live-action, but is instead edited with visual filters. This is most evident in the facial expressions. When combined with the color hues, the effect almost seems to prevent the Uncanny Valley from occurring and somewhat overcomes DeepFake’s limitations in face detail during expression changes.

Starring in the trailer is the massively popular Japanese singer GACKT, as well as Crows Zero veteran Takayuki Yamada, a well-known long-time actor of the 2000s. As mentioned earlier, the movie is going to be mostly crowdfunded, and as of the publishing of this article, the project has already earned at least 14 million JPY (133,000 USD) from Makauke.

About Kazuaki Kiriya and CyberHuman Productions

Kazuaki Kiriya is a film director and photographer who is mostly known for his multi-roles in making the widely-acclaimed film Goemon (2009). He was not only the director, but also its writer, cinematographer, producer, editor, and even cast as one of its actors (as Mitsuhide). He’s probably also known in the Japanese pop music theatre as the husband of Utada Hikaru, to which he directs most of her music videos.

CyberHuman Productions is a relatively smaller-scale film company aiming to create works with the perfect fusion of humans and technology. Their primary tool, the mobile 3D face scanner “The Avatar Truck”, is almost always used to great effect to develop real-time 3D CG interactions with virtual settings and backdrops.

Also, those who are familiar with VTubers might also know that CyberHuman Productions was the company that directly managed Kizuna Ai’s second live concert event. Kizuna Ai 2nd Live: Hello World 2020 pretty much also used the same 3D tracking/interaction and motion sensing technologies.


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