Do you find text messages boring? Send a doodle instead, using Croqy


Panasonic subsidiary Shiftall had just showcased its upcoming product, Croqy, at CES 2021 today.

Introduced as an interactive memo device, the product offers a more intuitive, albeit less simple way of wirelessly sending handwritten notes to friends and family.

Croqy Demo

The primary theme of its external design resembles an ordinary room décor, and indeed it was intended to be as such by default. At its center is the ultra-low-energy e-paper display, which is built to have more or less the same feel as writing on paper (though with a tiny bit of response delay, of course).

As shown, anything that you write on the screen using its included stylus will stay as a memo. However, notes and scribbles written onto it can also be wirelessly sent to any other Croqy units connected to the same network. For example, the teaser video shows Mom calling her kids by sending a message through both devices.

Croqy’s more mainstream application, however, is that every single note that was written or scribbled onto it can be saved on a dedicated app on your smartphone. This serves both as a communication platform, as well as an archive.

The entire weight of one Croqy unit is 160 grams, and its dimensions are 130 x 80 x 13.5mm.

As mentioned, it is a highly power-efficient device and connects to other Croqy units and your smartphone using WiFi. It charges via its included USB charger, with an estimated charging time of about three to four hours. According to Shiftall, its operational standby time is about two months.

Shiftall was initially owned by Cerevo, a company that was founded by former Panasonic employee Takuma Iwasa. Shiftall’s development priorities were in the internet of things (IoT) department, specializing in low-profile devices and gadgets that can be both functional and aesthetic at a basic level. It was sold to Panasonic in April 2018 to “boost the digital transformation” of the companies’ related industries.


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