PSO2 NGS Players Site for Closed Beta Test is Now Online

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Sega had just launched the official players website for the closed beta test (CBT) of Phantasy Star Online 2 NGS.

The update was revealed in an official tweet today, reiterating the details of the CBT and its upcoming schedule.

For the last several months, Sega has been teasing its standard PSO2 player base (both JP and Global) with NGS updates via livestreams and short Twitter posts.

Though the new system introductions are rife with detail, the compression algorithm on YouTube during those livestreams has made any details on the demonstrations less than spectacular. It doesn’t help that details are practically just trickling over the months, only providing significantly more detail mere days before the actual CBT.

This, of course, includes the free-to-play download link, which at this time will only be available to select players who were official invited to the CBT. Instructions on available information , as well as updates on certain information (about the beta test), are to be posted there as well from time to time.

Lastly, the official Twitter post gives a short reminder of the CBT’s details, with the download link of the game’s test version, of course.

PSO2: NGS, is set as an official extension to the ongoing popular Japanese MMORPG franchise, more than eight years after PSO2, and almost two decades after the very first pioneering MMORPG, PSO. It is set a millennium after the events of PSO2, and our new heroes are faced with the new threat called Dolls, which wreak havoc on the planet Halpha.

In addition, the same update will also be applied for the main PSO2 game, as both games are pretty much directly interchangeable using the same client via lobby switch modes.

The first closed beta test is slated to start this January 29th, and end on the 31st.


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