Pre-Registration for Shaman King Funbari Chronicle is Open Now

Shaman King Pre-registration

In the latest update last week to the upcoming nostalgia-infused upcoming Android/iOS app Shaman King Funbari Chronicles, pre-registrations are now open!

Choose between two types of registrations, and oh by the way, there’s a few more goodies in between these updates as well.

What Has Been Known So Far

Recapping what we have known previously, Shaman King Funbari Chronicle will mainly feature a mobile RPG system reminiscent of today’s most popular Japan-based mobile titles.

Those who have played another mobile RPG, Toji no Miko, might find that this upcoming game is much closer to its style, at least in the way the characters are depicted, overall graphics, and the turn-based commands available.

However, what’s quite unique in its presentation as a brand new title, is that it will proceed with its story mode in classic comic style (officially called Mangatic mode). Okay, maybe not too unique, but at least compared to other mobile RPGs that focus on similar popular classic franchises, this will be a style that is yet to be fully optimized.

It is also quite notable to point out that the release also coincides with the same year that the series reboot was launched in Japan. And so, adding to its comic style, there are strong indicators that the game will push through the entire story of the original manga. So yeah, if in case you haven’t read the original source material all these years, you may find some of the heavier characters to be introduced in a completely different light very much later on.

Updates in Between

Before the official pre-registration schedule was even revealed, Studio Z has opened both the game’s official Twitter account and a promotional teaser site. Typical advertisement stuff for upcoming mobile games, but at least it still builds a bit of hype.

The teaser website serves both as a portal for curious people who want to know about the franchise in general (introduction to anime/manga details), and an organized form of all the information that was revealed thus far. As a bonus, it also features quite a number of concept artwork for fans to appreciate and form game design/gameplay theories with.

The very end of the teaser website then leads you to the Twitter account of the game. A good majority of the tweets at the moment are about promo campaign updates, CG scene demos, and modeling concepts, as well as a few segues into the currently airing anime reboot. The scene CGs, in particular, are quite interesting because a lot of them feature original, new scenes, which (of course) serve to build hype for its story modes.

And oh yes, the franchise reboot itself has its very own official Twitter account as well.

The Nostalgia Hype Officially Begins

【SHAMAN KING ふんばりクロニクル(#ふんクロ)】公式PV

And with, the pre-registration campaign finally opens! Uh… technically opened, since the campaign actually started last August 19th. It opened with a huge bang with the accompaniment of an even more hype-inducing trailer. Which… actually only condenses what we already know, but at least we finally see the upcoming title in action!

This may not come as a surprise since the teaser images are basically spoiled them already, but the 3D-fied original artwork of Hiroyuki Takei really comes to full life with the trailer’s depiction of story scenes. Needless to say, it also requires no transition in between the anime depictions, as everything would simply use the exact same engine, down to the main gameplay itself. Moreover, that nice framerate makes everything look very smooth, allowing you to enjoy the eye candy for far longer than the typical five or so seconds of each 3D model post on its Twitter account.

Along with pre-registration details, the Twitter account also revealed its “W Follow Campaign.” Those who would retweet the original official announcement will have the chance to win extra starting goodies, with a total of 25 raffle winners among those that would participate. Not as generous as other standard mobile RPG campaigns, but hey, it’s free, and there are other goodies in store for F2P peasants regular players anyway.

Additionally, within the extent of time that the pre-registration campaign was revealed, other teaser stuff was also posted on the game Twitter account. Take a cursory look at them if you’re interested (Japanese, but has lots of visuals).

Title: Shaman King Funbari Chronicle
Release Date: 2021 (no specified date)
Genre: Command Progression RPG
Official Game Page (Japanese): (pre-registration page)
Official 2021 Anime Page (Japanese):
Official Twitter (Japanese):
Official YouTube (Japanese):
Distribution Format: Free-to-Play (F2P)
Operating System: Android, iOS
Copyright: Hiroyuki Takei, TV Tokyo, Studio Z

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