Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Exceeds One Million Pre-Registrants

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Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is almost upon us, with the official release next week (November 17) practically right at our doorstep. But before the floodgates open for some materia-infused battles to Midgar and beyond, Square Enix announces that pre-registered applicants have finally broken the one million mark. As expected, this also includes all the campaign rewards and other goodies that are set to celebrate this very milestone.

Wait, what the heck is Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Again?

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is a battle royale-type game app developed for Android and iOS. Think of PUBG, or probably more accurately, Fortnite, but with the item, characters, and lore assets based on the world of Final Fantasy VII. No, you’re not going to be able to play as Cloud, Barrett, or even Palmer (the game supposedly predates the events of the original game). As hinted by the title, you’ll instead be playing as an aspiring and ambitious elite Shinra SOLDIER agent.

As you would expect in a battle royale type game, there will be a good amount of traditional combat systems (yup, includes “classes”) and weaponry that players can use against each other. But, because of the franchise world that the game is set in, you can enjoy a wide variety of more whimsical and magical attacks to spice up your offensive strategies as well.

The idea of milking the FF7 franchise further to a mobile-based (presumably pay-for-comfort), battle royale game of all things was received with very mixed reactions by general audiences and by the core fanbase of the franchise. Despite this, Square Enix pressed forward, determined to release the game after successfully conducting its beta test earlier this June.

Additional gameplay information was also revealed in the following months after its announcement, with websites such as Siliconera offering additional insights into its progress via interviews with the developers themselves.

FF7 The First Soldier Million Milestone Announcement, Plus Goodies!

Of course, with new information about the game comes updates on its player campaigns, particularly the ongoing pre-registration milestone campaign. So far, for Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, the campaign has successfully broken through the following numbers, each with the corresponding cumulative reward(s):

  • 300,000 pre-registrants – Chocobo Egg
  • 500,000 pre-registrants – Shinra Mask accessory
  • 770,000 pre-registrants – Shinra decal-ed bike
  • 1,000,000 pre-registrants – Shinra decal-ed jeep

Additional campaigns also include trivia quizzes, which would also provide several rewards to those who participate. One such quiz gives out a question a day that would reveal the answer on the next. Unfortunately, even if you get the correct answer, the prize is awarded at random, so you’re guaranteed to get that much-coveted(?) cactuar suit even if you participate.

What’s Next? Still as “Disappointing” as the Beta?

The last and final official pre-registration milestone is for the 2 million mark, which as expected, is for yet another vehicle… a Shinra decal-ed chopper. The game is set for a global release, and as such reaching double the number of pre-registrants for that last milestone won’t really be too difficult to achieve (relatively).

That being said, remaining Shinra BOX rewards notwithstanding, there probably wouldn’t be any more larger-scale campaigns to be revealed now that the game is only about a week away from official release. If you’re dead set to play this spin-off, just enjoy (the challenge of getting) the remaining free stuff the best way that you can.

As for the opinions formed for the game during its beta, we doubt that people are going to change their minds very soon regardless. Those who found personal enjoyment watching online footage of the beta test wouldn’t exactly be deterred at this point, and those who didn’t find it charming enough probably wouldn’t run and gun their way to the game’s November 17 release.

How about you, are you looking forward to Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier and its final pre-registration milestone reward?

Title: Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier
Release Date: November 17, 2021
Genre: Battle Royale Game
Official Game Page:
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Official YT (Square Enix):
Distribution Format: Free-2-Play
Operating System: Android, iOS
Copyright: Square Enix


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