Echoes of Mana Update: Closed Beta Test Schedule Announced

Square Enix gives a new round of brief follow-up information right after Halloween, about its upcoming mobile perversion version of the Mana (Seiken Densetsu) series very first foray into the mobile space: Echoes of Mana. The main topic? None other than the CBT details and schedule.

Echoes of Mana Initial Reveal Recap

『聖剣伝説 ECHOES of MANA』ティザートレーラー

The very tail end of June this year was the first time that Echoes of Mana was unveiled to the world. Specifically, the announcement itself came from a section of Square Enix’s livestream event that commemorated the franchise’s 30th anniversary last June 27th.

While the teaser trailer was, as usual, completely useless in terms of development information, Square Enix did reveal on its official website several concepts (probably in-game too) artwork, characters from the series that would make their (re)appearances, as well as actual screenshots of the game. It was dubbed an “all-star app”, probably as a reference to the number of established characters involved, which is akin to how Square Enix handled another particular long-running franchise within the mobile space so far.

The overall impression for the reveal was… expectedly not as good as the raving reaction for the console title announced during the same Livestream. There was no significant Diablo Immortal-level backlash, fortunately, because of that very same full-new console title, with it naturally becoming the focus for many viewers.

WFS was also announced to be at the helm developing the actual title, so many fans might have hoped that it could at least be as fun to play as Another’s Eden. The concept images do seem similar after all, although Echoes of Mana kind of had the regular-sized proportion treatment for what was supposed to be its more classical look.

Oh and, because this will predicably be a gacha game, it’s fairly obvious that all the iconic Mana series heroes would most likely be shuffled around and released as the main gacha pulls for Echoes of Mana. Obligatory alternate versions galore? Hopefully in the form of appropriate crossover scenarios.

Echoes of Mana Closed Beta Test Details

Fast forward roughly four months later, and we now have the second major information update in the form of its closed beta test details.

The registration period starts today, and ends on November 11th. The CBT itself is slated to start on November 16th, lasting for a whole week until the 24th.

The maximum number of participants is 3,000 for each OS version (for a total of 6,000). However, Square Enix’s announcement details state that “if it goes above the registration limit, the entries would be drawn from lots”.

Sooo yeah, that registration limit pretty much ensures that they’re going to draw lots for it.

To celebrate the start of the CBT, the official Twitter account of the game has opened a retweeting promotion campaign, where five random winners can receive Amazon gift cards worth 44 USD. Details about the memory requirements were also unveiled. For the iOS version, it is recommended to have at least 2GB of RAM, while the Android version requires 4GB.

No specifications on the required CPU though (hint hint!).

Weird CBT Rules?

For anyone who’s interested enough to have checked official CBT page, you might have seen this long list bullet list of CBT rules that are addressed to the would-be beta testers. While most are your run of the mill account registration and data gathering stuff, but a couple of notable information is written as well, such as:

  • Mandatory pre-requirement of being on the registered Square Enix Members list.
  • Progress will not transfer when the game goes officially live.
  • Game footage (live or otherwise) is strictly for personal use only.
  • Specifically different survey questions might be asked for different applicants.
  • Can’t switch OS versions after registration for the most part. (in case of hardware swap)

Missed the link above? The complete details of the upcoming Echoes of Mana CBT can be found here as well. (Japanese)

Title: (Seiken Densetsu) Echoes of Mana
Release Date: 2022 (no specified date)
Genre: Action RPG
Official Game Page (Japanese):
Official Twitter (Japanese):
Official YT (Square Enix):
Distribution Format: Free-to-Play (F2P)
Operating System: Android (8.0+), iOS (13+)
Copyright: Square Enix

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