[All Fixes] Discord Voice Connection Issues – No Route/RTC/ICE

[All Fixes] Discord Voice Connection Issues – No Route/RTC/ICE
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Discord is the favorite application of any gamer, but if you’ve been using it for a long time, then you’re no stranger to voice connection issues. If you’re facing errors like No route, RTC, or ICE, then keep reading to find out how to fix those once and for all!

In this article, we will discuss the common reasons for having voice connection issues and all fixes to solve that issue.

Common Errors You See When Connecting Voice

Discord is famous for its light-weight application and fast voice chats, but voice issues are everywhere. It can be frustrating when, suddenly, you begin facing problems with your voice connection. The three common voice connection errors are:

  • ICE Checking
  • No Route
  • Stuck RTC connecting

Each error is a little, but the underlying idea is the same, Discord can’t connect to the voice server! Let’s take a look at what might be causing those issues.

What is Causing the Voice Connection Issue in Discord

Voice issues in Discord occur due to a bad internet connection, device issues, or Discord server issues. We have narrowed down the primary reasons for the Discord voice connection issues.

  • IP Address of the PC Changed: most ISPs (Internet Service Providers) use the dynamic IP address. These IP addresses change over time, which can sometimes cause issues with Discord. In this case, the solution is as simple as restart, i.e., restart your computer, modem, or router.
  • Third-party Antivirus/ Firewall is Blocking Discord: if your third-party Antivirus or firewall is blocking Discord, then Discord won’t be able to maintain a connection with a server.
  • PC using VPN without UDP: VPN issues are pretty standard. They happen because Discord works only with VPN solutions that have UDP (User Datagram Protocol).
  • Discord Blocked by Network Admin: if you’re using Discord on a public network, the network admin may be blocked, especially if you connected through a school network where students cannot access specific applications.
  • Voice Server Region is Incompatible with the Client: this issue can happen when you’re connecting a client and host server on a different continent. You can resolve this issue by changing your voice server location.
  • QoS Doesn’t Work with Your Network: voice connection issues can happen if your network does not support Quality of Service High Packet Priority. If that’s the case, you can disable it in the Discord app.

Before Moving Forward

  • Make sure that the issues not hardware-related.
  • Make sure that you have a stable internet connection.

The underlying reason behind the voice connection issue is different for various people, and other solutions work. Try all fixes discussed in the article to find one that resolves your issue.

Fix 1: Restart Your Computer and Modem/Router

For all tech issues, the top solution we recommend is to restart your system. Make sure that you save and exit all applications and restart your computer. It’s especially useful if another application is causing Discord voice connection issues.

You should also turn off your modem or router, leave it for a few minutes, and then start again. Most voice connection issues are rooted in network problems and can be resolved by restarting the modem or router.

Relaunch Discord after restarting the system and modem/router and see if the issue persists.

Fix 2: Run WebRTC Troubleshooter

WebRTC stands for Web Real-time Communications. It’s a web connectivity standard that allows you to send or receive audio or video on the web.

You can check if there are any issues with your RTC connection with the WEbRTC Troubleshooter.

To run WebRTC troubleshooter:

  1. Go to https://test.webrtc.org.
  2. Allow the website to use a microphone and camera on your device.
  3. Click Start on the top of the screen.WebRTC Troubleshooter
    The WebRTC troubleshooter will show if there are any issues with your connection. You should see a report for the microphone, camera, network, connectivity, and throughput.MicrophoneCamera

Fix 3: Uninstall Third-party Antivirus

Third-party Antivirus applications often block other applications or certain features of another application. An overprotective Antivirus application may be the reason why you’re facing voice connection issues in Discord.

Checking whether your computer security is to blame is tricky as you need to uninstall the application and check if Discord is connecting now.

To uninstall third-party Antivirus applications:

  1. Press Window key + R, type “appwiz.cpl” in the dialog box, and hit enter.
  2. It will open the Program and Features window with a list of all applications on your system. Locate the Antivirus application in the list, right-click on the application, and select Uninstall from the menu.
  3. Follow the on-screen guide to uninstall the application. These guides will be different for different applications, and we can’t provide a step-by-step guide.
  4. Delete any leftover files and folders from the Antivirus solution.
  5. Reboot your system and relaunch Discord.

Fix 4: Disable VPN or Use VPN with UDP (if possible)

A lot of gamers turn on VPN while playing. If your issue started when you are using a VPN, then it may be causing the problem.

To check if VPN is indeed causing issues with the voice connection, try disabling VPN and connect again. If the problem resolved, then it may be due to two reasons:

  • VPN slows down the internet, which can also cause issues with a voice connection. Here, disabling a VPN will resolve the issue.
  • Discord only works with VPNs that use the UDP protocol. If your VPN service uses another protocol, then switching the VPN service might resolve your issue.

You can either use Discord with VPN disabled or check if your VPN uses the User Datagram Protocol (UDP).

Fix 5: Check Application As A Possible Reason

Using Discord on a browser can result in issues with some features, including Discord screen share audio not working issue. These issues are common in browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

There are three solutions if the application is indeed the issue:

  • Install Discord app on the computer and use it
  • Switch browser to Opera
  • Disable non-proxied UDP in Opera

If you’re already using the Discord application, then try installing Opera. It’s a Chromium-based browser, which means it can transmit audio. If switching to Opera does not work, or you’re already using it, then try the following solution:

  1. In Opera, click the Alt + P keys to open Settings and search for WebRTC in the top-right corner search bar.
  2. Select Disable non-proxied UDP in the WebRTC section and save settings.

Fix 6: Discord Blocked by The Network Admin

If you’re using a public network to access Discord, then it’s possible that the network admin blocks discord. Especially on school or work networks, chatting and network admins block social applications.

This issue is a bit critical, but there is one way to get around the no route error.

  1. Press Windows key + R to open the Run dialog box. Type control in the box and hit enter to open the control panel.
  2. In the control panel window, click on Network and Sharing Center.
  3. In the network and sharing center, select the network you’re using.
  4. In the new Wifi Status window, select and open properties.
  5. In the properties -> Networking tab, navigate to Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on properties (again).
  6. In the new window, select Use the following DNS server address set the following values, and press ok to save the settings.
      1. Preferred DNS server: 8 8 8 8
      2. Alternate DNS server: 8 8 4 4
  • Close all windows and reboot your system.
  • When restarted, you should be able to connect to a new voice server with any errors. If the issue remains, then move on to the next solution on the list.

    Fix 7: Change the Voice Server Region

    If you’re facing the voice connection issues only with one or two friends, then geography may be the issue! Voice connection issues like no route, RTC, and ICE happen when the server is in a different geographical location.

    The solution to this problem is to ask the server admin to change the voice region settings.

    To change server settings:

    1. Click on the name of the server at the top-left corner dropdown and select Server Settings.
    2. Click on Server Region on the Server Settings page to change the server location.
    3. Select the server location closest to you. Save the settings and connect again.

    Important: you may not be able to find your exact location. Select the server region closest to your current location.

    Fix 8: Disable QoS in the Discord App

    Discord No Route errors are often caused by the QoS feature. It happens in devices that cannot handle the High Packet Priority Quality of Service (QoS). You can resolve this issue by disabling QoS in the Discord application.

    To disable QoS in Discord:

    1. Open Discord Settings by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom-left corner of the application.
    2. Select Voice and Video and scroll down to Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority and turn the toggle Off.

    Close and open Discord again to see if the issue adjusted. Suppose it doesn’t, then try flushing the DNS settings.

    Fix 9: Flush the DNS Settings

    Different solutions work for other people in various scenarios. Flushing DNS settings have fixed the voice connection error for many users. All you need to do is run a few commands in the CMD.

    Now, this solution may not be a permanent fix for you. It works permanently for some computers, while it needs to be repeated every time in other cases.

    Here’s how you can flush the DNS settings in your computer:

    1. Press Windows + R keys to open the Run prompt. Type cmd in the window and hit enter.
    2. In the CMD window, type the following commands:
      ipconfig /release
    3. When the IP configuration appears on the CMD window, type the following command:
      ipconfig /flushdns
    4. Type the following command afterward to renew the IP configuration.
      ipconfig /renew

    Restart your computer and see if the voice connection error has been resolved.


    We have discussed all solutions that have worked for others in the past. If your issue remains unresolved, then your network router or Firewall must be causing the problem. Try lowering the firewall to opt-out that option, but it’s not a permanent solution.

    You can try switching networks to see if the router is the issue. In which case, using your mobile hotspot can help.

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