8 Best USB-C Headphones

Best USB-C Headphones
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With the latest mobile devices ditching the headphone jack in favor of wireless headphones, these USB-C headphones bring back a wired experience through USB-C. Connecting a headphone via USB-C is akin to using a standard headphone jack and aux cable. You don’t have to worry about running out of battery, and you get low latency, great for watching movies and gaming.

Best USB-C Headphones Compared

Image Product Details Check Price
Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless on Amazon
Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless USB-C Audio: Yes (recommended)
Type: Over-ear
Frequency response: 6Hz - 22kHz
Active Noise-cancelling: Yes
Battery life: 17 hours
Check on Amazon
Bose 700 on Amazon
Bose 700 USB-C Audio: Yes
Type: Over-ear
Frequency response: N/A
Active Noise-cancelling: Yes (recommended)
Battery life: 20 hours
Check on Amazon
Jabra Elite 45h on Amazon
Jabra Elite 45h USB-C Audio: No, Charging only
Type: On-ear
Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
Active Noise-cancelling: No
Battery life: 50 hours (recommended)
Check on Amazon
Razer Hammerhead ANC on Amazon
Razer Hammerhead ANC USB-C Audio: Yes, Cable attached
Type: In-ear
Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20kHz
Active Noise-cancelling: Yes
Battery life: N/A (wired)
Check on Amazon
1MORE Dual Driver ANC Pro on Amazon
1MORE Dual Driver ANC Pro USB-C Audio: Yes
Type: In-ear
Frequency response: 20 Hz – 40kHz
Active Noise-cancelling: Yes
Battery life: 20 hours
Check on Amazon
Samsung AKG Type-C on Amazon
Samsung AKG Type-C USB-C Audio: Yes, Cable attached
Type: In-ear
Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20kHz
Active Noise-cancelling: No
Battery life: N/A (wired)
Check on Amazon
Wyze Noise-Cancelling Headphones on Amazon
Wyze Noise-Cancelling Headphones USB-C Audio: No
Type: Over-ear
Frequency response: 20 Hz – 38kHz
Active Noise-cancelling: Yes
Battery life: 20 hours
Check on Amazon
Creative SXFI Gamer on Amazon
Creative SXFI Gamer USB-C Audio: Yes
Type: Over-ear
Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20kHz
Active Noise-cancelling: No
Battery life: N/A (Wired)
Check on Amazon

Best USB-C Headphones – Our Picks

1. Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless – Stay wired with USB-C audio

Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless is our top recommendation for the best USB-C headphones. They are among the first headphones to support audio over USB Type-C. While primarily designed for wireless use, you can comfortably use them as wired through USB-C and analog aux cable, great for watching movies and gaming.

The Momentum 3 Wireless replaces the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless, bringing a more comfortable design, better sound quality, and impressive mic recording. They support Bluetooth 5.0, allowing them to connect to two devices at the same time. In addition to better sonics, you also get Hi-Res codec support through aptX, aptX Low Latency, and AAC.

Onboard you also get active noise cancelation with three levels. The headphones support transparency mode, which allows environmental noise passthrough—a quick way to chat with friends and stay aware of your surroundings. You also get a decent microphone for voice calls.

The Momentum 3 Wireless doesn’t really have many advanced features, but they automatically turn off when you fold them. They also pause playback and enter Standby mode when you remove them from your head.

The headphone offers up to 17 hours of use on a single charge. They don’t support quick charge, but you can use them via USB-C while charging. The headphones come with a USB-C cable and Type-C to Type-A adapter, so they should work with almost all PCs in the market.

Our Take

Don’t have a headphone jack? The Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless supports USB-C audio, so you can comfortably utilize your Type-C port for a low latency listening experience. With ANC, impressive audio reproduction, and clear call quality, these headphones are easy to recommend to anyone looking for a fully-fledged USB-C headphone.

  • USB-C audio support
  • Great sound quality with aptX and AAC codec support
  • Comfortable
  • Noise cancelation with transparency mode
  • Customizable EQ via Sennheiser Smart Control app
  • No touch features
  • Bulky design

2. Bose 700 – Elite noise cancellation and call quality

Well, Sennheiser did a great job with the Momentum 3 Wireless, but if you’re looking for the best noise cancellation and call quality, Bose 700 remains the king of the ring. If you’re the work-from-home kind of a guy or always jumping into calls in the middle of nowhere, this is the type of USB-C headphones you need.

The Bose 700 comes with eight microphones, six dedicated to Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and four microphones for voice pickup (two shared with ANC). It’s the only headphone that guarantees crystal-clear audio to each end of the call. You can safely take that conference call in a house full of noisy kids.

With eleven levels of adjustable ANC, you can isolate yourself entirely from the environment or lower the NC to let in ambient sound. Alternatively, you can trigger Conversation Mode, which disables NC and pauses the music so you can converse with friends.

Elsewhere, you’re getting intuitive controls and features. You can use touch controls to play/pause music and answer calls. More features are available via the Bose Music app, including selectable EQ, voice assistants, and Bluetooth connections.

Bose 700 offers up to 20 hours of battery life on a single charge. It supports quick charging via USB-C, with a 15-minute charge giving you 2 hours of battery life. You can use the USB-C port for input in addition to the 3.5 mm jack for wired listening.

Our Take

If you work from home or make voice calls in noisy environments very often, the Bose 700 can come to your rescue. With multiple ANC and voice pickup microphones, this USB-C headphone delivers a clear and precise voice on each end, regardless of the surrounding noise. They are also the best-sounding Bose headphones and features intuitive controls for a seamless user experience.

  • Industry-leading ANC, with several levels
  • Sleek, attractive design
  • Crystal clear voice calls
  • Multiple Bluetooth controls
  • Touch controls and feature-rich app
  • Not the best battery life
  • No IP rating

3. Jabra Elite 45h – Bang for your buck

The Jabra Elite 45h is one reason you don’t have to spend much to get the best USB-C headphones. This pair of on-ear headphones pack premium features, including excellent sound and industry-leading battery life, without breaking the bank. Sure, it has no fancy features like touch controls or ANC. But for the price you’re paying, you’re really getting the bang for your buck.

The Elite 45h comes with a foldable design and soft ear cushions that mold into your ears perfectly for a comfortable fit. Inside there are 40mm speakers that deliver best-in-class sound quality. The headphone uses physical buttons for playback control, power and Bluetooth pairing, and voice assistants.

The selling feature of the Jabra Elite 45h is the whopping 50 hours of listening time. That’s way more than what the Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless and Bose 700 offer. The headphone is also equipped with quick-charging technology via USB-C, providing 10 hours of use on a quick 15-minute charge. I should remind you that these headphones cost less than a third of the Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless.

The Elite 45h are decent for listening to music and working from home, with strong mic clarity. There is a customizable EQ in the Sound+ app for a personalized sound experience. The Jabra Elite 45h can also connect to two devices at the same time, great if you’re using both phone and PC.

Our Take

If you want a great all-rounder that won’t break the bank, the Jabra Elite 45h is the best USB-C headphone for you. With 50 hours of listening time, a comfort, perfect fit, and excellent sound, the Elite 45h set a new standard for budget headphones.

  • Excellent 50 hours battery life
  • Great sound for the money
  • Comfortable on-ear fit
  • Personalized music via Sound+ app
  • Comfort design and multipoint technology
  • No active noise cancellation
  • No touch controls

4. Razer Hammerhead ANC – Decent USB-C earbuds with Active Noise Cancelation

If you want to eliminate latency and charging process forever, the Razer Hammerhead ANC with a non-detachable USB-C cable is a great choice. This pair of in-ears is compatible with most smartphones and laptops with a Type-C port. Since it’s wired, you don’t have to worry about the battery running out in the middle of your outdoor adventures.

Unlike other typical earbuds, the Hammerhead ANC supports active noise canceling so you can completely switch off from the world and jam to your favorite tunes or make clear voice calls. Admittedly, the NC isn’t Bose 700-level quality, and it might struggle to block out bass-heavy sounds from heavy machinery. But if you want an affordable pair of in-ears that can block surrounding noise, the Razer Hammerhead ANC gets the job done.

The headphones come with a braided cable for durability and an extra pair of Comply memory foam ear tips. The foam tips help improve noise isolation and prevent sound leaks, great if you’ll be using the headphones around people. Some cheap in-ears leak a lot of sounds, which is annoying to the people around you.

Our Take

Getting decent ANC experience without the bulk of large over-ear headphones cannot be understated about the Razer Hammerhead ANC. These in-ears feature an integrated cable to eliminate latency and charging woes, making them a perfect pair for outdoor adventures and watching movies and videos.

  • Low latency
  • Great build quality
  • Decent mic recording quality
  • ANC not at its best

5. 1MORE Dual Driver ANC Pro – Wireless in-ears with ANC

If you’re stuck choosing between a wired or wireless USB-C in-ears, how about having both? The 1MORE Dual Driver ANC Pro wireless in-ear headphones support USB-C passthrough listening, delivering the best of both worlds. You can switch to wired if running low on battery or watching movies to eliminate latency.

1MORE Dual Driver ANC Pro delivers significantly improved ANC over the Razer Hammerhead ANC with four active noise-canceling microphones and wind noise reduction technology. They are perfect for making calls and blocking surrounding noise for an immersive listening experience.

The sound quality is decent. 1MORE Dual Driver ANC Pro delivers detailed, balanced audio with support for hi-resolution sound through AAC and LDAC. Despite not costing a premium, this headphone has a near-audiophile sound quality with solid bass.

1MORE went for a rather unusual neckband design, but they are super comfortable. They are excellent for outdoor use with an IPX5 waterproof rating, meaning they can withstand splashes. You can get up to 20 hours of playtime with ANC off (15 hours with ANC). A quick 10-min charge offers three hours of use.

Our Take

If you want an audiophile-level sound without breaking the bank, 1MORE Dual Driver ANC Pro is what you’re looking for. These wireless in-ear headphones are professionally tuned to deliver a crisp, balanced sound and impressive ANC for the price. With Hi-res Bluetooth codec support, decent battery life, and IP-rating, 1MORE Dual Driver ANC Pro can be the perfect USB-C headphone for you if you don’t mind wearing a neckband.

  • IPX5 waterproof rating
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Detailed, balanced sound with good bass and lows
  • Decent active noise canceling
  • Quick charge support
  • Not the best button layout
  • Average wind noise reduction

6. Samsung AKG Type-C – Budget USB-C headphones that work

Samsung AKG Type-C is the best budget USB-C headphones. They don’t have any cutting-edge features, but they sound incredible. They sound better than you’d expect at this price range.

The Samsung AKG Type-C comes with an integrated USB-C cable, making them compatible with most of the latest smartphones and laptops. The cable is braided for durability, and there is an in-line microphone for making calls. Cheap and basic, but they do get the job done.

However, beyond sounding better, the Samsung AKG Type-C doesn’t have anything else to offer. No noise cancelation or hi-Res sound support. They are perfect if you’re looking for a pair of headphones to toss in your backpack for use on-the-go or find a decent solution if your phone does not have a headphone jack.

Our Take

Yes, you don’t have to break the bank to buy a decent pair of USB-C headphones. The Samsung AKG Type-C can come to your rescue if your phone or laptop does not have a headphone jack. They are cheap and sound incredibly better. But that’s just that. Don’t expect any fancy features here.

  • Affordable USB-C headphones
  • Comfortable and portable
  • Decent sound quality
  • No ANC

7. Wyze Noise-Cancelling Headphones – Decent noise-canceling headphones that won’t break the bank

The Wyze Noise-Cancelling Headphones are another set of budget USB-C headphones. These wireless over-ear headphones come with features mostly found in premium headphones, such as touch controls, ANC, and wear detection. They support wired mode through the included aux cable, but you won’t be able to use the mic.

The sound quality is nowhere near the Sennheiser and Bose, but it is better than other headphones in its class. You get full bass and clear high and lows. Unless you’re an audiophile, the Wyze Noise-Cancelling Headphones are great for listening to music and office work. You can even customize the EQ via the Wyze app for a personalized experience.

These headphones come with additional features that add more value for your money. They support noise cancelation with a transparent mode and a quick conversation mode. Touching the right ear cup pauses music and turns on transparency mode so you can chat with friends. You also get intuitive touch controls and voice assistants with built-in Alexa.

Battery life is impressive, with up to 20 hours of use on a single charge and 3 hours with a quick 10-minute charge. You can always switch to wired via USB-C and aux if you run out of battery in the middle of nowhere.

Our Take

With noise cancelation, transparency mode, touch controls, wear detection, customizable sound, and quick charge, the Wyze Noise-Cancelling Headphones are perfect for anyone looking for an affordable USB-C headphone with all the bells and whistles. You won’t get premium sound quality here, but everything else screams value.

  • Extremely affordable
  • Decent active noise cancelation, with transparency mode
  • Intuitive touch controls & conversation mode
  • Comfortable and well-built
  • Decent battery life with quick charge
  • Struggles to block bass-heavy background noises
  • Poor recording quality

8. Creative SXFI Gamer – USB-C gaming headphones with virtual surround sound

If you’re looking for decent pair of USB-C gaming headphones without blowing a hole in your wallet, we highly recommend the Creative SXFI Gamer. These wired headphones deliver an immersive gaming experience with advanced features, including virtual surround sound, superior mic, and RGB lighting.

The SXFI Gamer perfectly fit on your ears with comfortable ear cups and headband. They are not bulky as other dedicated gaming headphones, so you can comfortably use them for longer gaming sessions. RGB lighting on the ear cups, customizable through the SXFI Control software, adds more flare to your gaming rig.

One of the top features of the SXFI Gamer is the Battle Mode, which activates virtual surround sound. This feature immerses you in the game, allowing you to hear every sound and footsteps in the game. Battle Mode gives you a competitive edge when playing RPG and FPS games, allowing You’ll also appreciate the quality of the microphone. The mic was meticulously designed to distinguishing human voice and ambient noise, delivering crystal clear recording for gaming and voice calls. It’s detachable, so you can just remove it when not in use.

Our Take

Immerse yourself in the game with this pair of headphones that sound like you have multiple speakers in your home. They are great for positional sound, which gives you a competitive edge when gaming. And the mic is just excellent. If you’re a hardcore gamer, you can’t go wrong with the Creative SXFI Gamer USB-C headphones.

  • Impressive virtual surround sound
  • Comfortable and subtle design with customizable RGB lighting
  • Wired. No latency when gaming
  • No active noise canceling

Best USB-C Headphones – The Ultimate Headphone Buying Guide

Several factors come into play when looking for the best USB-C headphones. With a lot of options out there, our buying guide will help you find the best headphone for you.

If you want a great all-rounder that ticks all the boxes, including audiophile-level sound quality, the Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless (Amazon Link) is the best pick. It has everything you would want in a USB-C headphone. However, if you have your eyes elsewhere, this is what to look out for in a good USB-C headphone:

Type of Headphones

Headphones fall in three distinct types: over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear. The best kind of headphones depends on personal preference, but here is what sets them apart.

Over-Ear headphones

Over-ears are the largest types of headphones. They usually come with large headbands and earcups that fully cover the ears. Over-ears are what most people mean when searching for a “headphone.” The advantage? They are super comfortable and offer impressive noise isolation.

Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless (Amazon Link) is the best over-ear headphone with USB-C that you can buy today. If you’re under a tighter budget, consider the Wyze Noise-Cancelling Headphones (Amazon Link).

However, with their large size, over-ears are bulky and not the best for portability. They take more space on your bag and might also leak some sound which is annoying for people around you.

On-Ear Headphones

On-ears headphones resemble over-ears, but they rest on top of the ears. They provide the advantages of over-ear headphones in a compact, portable design. Sure, they aren’t as small as in-ears, but they take less space, and most of them are foldable for portability.

If you’re looking for the best on-ear headphone with USB-C, we highly recommend the Jabra Elite 45h (Amazon Link). These headphones provide decent sound with industry-leading 50 hours battery life without breaking the bank.

The only problem with on-ear headphones is noise isolation. You can’t get the best noise cancelation on these headphones. No matter how much tech is cramped, a slight wiggle sends everything haywire.

In-Ear Headphones

Hello to the portability kings. In ears are great if you want a USB-C headphone that you can shove in a backpack or pocket and go with them just about anywhere. They fit right into the ear, blocking a considerable amount of background noise and reducing leaks.

Razer Hammerhead ANC (Amazon Link) is the best in-ear headphone with USB-C. If you’re thinking of going wireless, the 1MORE Dual Driver ANC Pro (Amazon Link) has got it all. On a budget? Try out Samsung’s AKG-tuned Type-C headphones (Amazon Link).

However, in-ears have a potential risk of damaging your inner ear. For more information, read this informative piece from UPMC.

Noise Cancelation

Noise isolation is not enough if you want to block out annoying environmental noise. You need to look for a feature known as active noise cancelation (ANC). If you’re commuting, working in a house full of noisy kids or an open office, or want to switch off from the world, you can benefit a lot from a noise-canceling headphone.

ANC headphones use digital signal processing to block out background and environmental noise, so you can only hear what you’re listening to. The best ANC headphones should also offer a transparent mode that allows you to pause/disable ANC to let the environment sound in or have a quick chat with friends.

When we talk noise canceling, only one headphone comes to mind, the Bose 700 (Amazon Link). It is the ANC headphone to beat. Wyze Noise-Cancelling Headphones (Amazon Link) are also decent if looking for a noise-canceling headphone with USB-C under 100.

You will come across terms such as “noise isolation” and “passive noise cancelation.” Please note that such headphones only rely on the padding in the earcups (for a perfect fit) to block out environmental noise. They don’t use any technology thus don’t qualify as noise-canceling headphones.

Voice Calls

With remote working becoming increasingly common, you might find yourself jumping into calls multiple times a day. Yes, all headphones with a mic can make voice calls, but not all deliver a clear, full-bodied sound on the other end.

You’re not only looking for a headphone with a mic but also one that can isolate your voice from background noise. This allows you to make clear voice calls from anywhere, whether it’s a busy office, field, or home.

Again, the Bose 700 (Amazon Link) is the best USB-C headphone for voice calls.


With wired headphones, this is not much of an issue. But if you want USB-C with the freedom of wireless headphones, then Bluetooth 4.2 (or later) is a must for the best experience. The best wireless headphones with USB-C support with the latest Bluetooth 5 specification.

If you want audiophile-level sound via Bluetooth, you should look out for aptX HD, aptX Adaptive, aptX Low Latency, AAC, and LDAC. Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless (Amazon Link) supports Hi-Res codec through Bluetooth, including connecting to two devices at a time. You can remain connected to your phone while listening to music on your PC. This feature is also available on the much affordable Wyze Noise-Cancelling Headphones (Amazon Link).

Battery Life

When it comes to battery life and wireless headphones, there are no compromises. You need a headphone with decent battery life, preferably 20 hours or more. That’s very important for wireless headphones, which are becoming more popular in 2021 than wired headphones.

Quick charging is another vital feature to look out for in wireless headphones—most headphones with USB-C have fast charging capabilities. That’s something advertised as certain hours of use for an x (10 or more)-minute charge.

The Jabra Elite 45h (Amazon Link) has the best battery life of 50 hours. In addition, a 15-minute charge gives you 10 hours of use. It’s the best option for traveling and outdoor adventures.

Quick charging comes in handy when you’re late for somewhere, and you’ve got to bring your headphones. A quick charge while getting ready can give you more listening time on the road.

Controls and features

If you want the best user experience, it’s essential to look into the controls on offer. Most headphones have multiple buttons on the earcups (in-line for in-ears) that you can tap to control music playback, take phone calls, summon voice assistants, and more.

Ensure the headphone has a few buttons so you won’t have to use your phone each time you want to change track or volume. The best ANC headphones provide buttons for ANC and transparency mode for ease of use.

Advanced picks support features such as touch controls and wear detection. They can automatically pause the music when you remove the headphones and resume when you wear them back. While expensive, these headphones offer the best user experience worthy of the premium price.

The Bose 700 (Amazon Link) has the best combination of features and controls in a USB-C headphone. If you’re on a budget, the Wyze Noise-Cancelling Headphone (Amazon Link) will surprise you with its advanced features at a lower price.

IP Rating

If you’re looking for headphones for working out or sporting activities, I highly recommend one that’s waterproof. A waterproof headphone can withstand sweat and rain. Some can even be fully submerged in water.

When shopping, look for IP (Ingress Protection) ratings. For instance, the 1MORE Dual Driver ANC Pro (Amazon Link) with an IPX5 rating can survive water splashes, sweat, and sustained, low-pressure water jet spray, allowing you to use them just about anywhere.

How about an adapter? Maybe.

If you don’t want to spend money on a new USB-C headphone, you can still stay wired on your USB-C phone. How? Buy a USB-C to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter (Amazon Link) to connect your old headphones to your Type-C phone or laptop. Alternatively, you can use a USB-C to 3.5mm audio cable (Amazon Link) to connect your Type-C phone to any headphone with a 3.5mm input.

Best USB-C Headphones – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use USB-C headphones on my laptop?

Make sure your laptop has a Type-C port. Plug-in the included USB-C cable to your headphone and the other end to your laptop’s USB-C port. Some USB-C headphones come with a USB-C to USB-A cable, so make sure to check the included cable is compatible with your device.

Is USB C better for audio?

Generally, wired has better audio quality than wireless. So, yes. USB-C is better for audio as it produces near-lossless audio quality with reduced latency, great for watching movies and gaming.

Does USB Type C carry audio?

Yes. USB-C can carry audio and is used as an input on the latest USB-C headphones. USB-C headphones are compatible with Type-C devices, including smartphones and PCs. However, USB-C headphones may not work with all phones with a Type-C port, unfortunately.

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