ZOZO Wants to Use Deepfakes in Virtual Dressing Rooms


Tokyo-based IT firm ZOZO Technologies Inc. launches a project today that would use Deepfake technology on virtual 3D models.

The models are then to be used as references for potential customers to test or try out new clothing.

The Perfect Face and Apparel Fit

The project’s initial concept was to demonstrate a (positive) use case for Deepfakes that mainly involves marketing customer-based information.

For starters, the launch was demonstrated by the “participation” of a fictional fashion group (dubbed as “Drip”). Using Deepfake, the default face templates of the real-life test models are overlaid on various 3D models.

These are then publicized and announced as fashion media posts, to simulate an actual social media update that involves someone showing off real clothing. For example, the “user” would display the Deepfaked clips and images of the new apparel on TikTok, or on Instagram, as if they are actually wearing the real thing.

ZOZO’s Deepfake Commercial Endgame

While several AR and VR concepts have already dabbled on custom fashion marketing concepts, this will be one of the earliest occasional instances that Deepfake will be specifically used for an actual commercial application.

Indeed, ZOZO Technologies’ concept lands precisely on that objective, and it is quite interesting now to see how other companies would twist the same fundamental concept.

As for ZOZO itself, the IT consultation company plans to expand on its Deepfake’s use by developing generic, mass-developed models to fit the body type and size of almost every potential clothing customer. For instance, the custom 3D model data will be integrated into the user’s purchase history, to provide an “already tested” visual suggestion in an instant.

After that, the company expects that applications could then move on to save photoshoot session costs, which is yet another frequently cited potential commercial advantage of Deepfake.


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