Wild Retail Core i5-12400F in Peru Confirms Price and New Stock Cooler

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Image credit by ReDXfiRe via Xanxo Gaming

After the Intel’s “Zen” moment of launching the first lineup of K-SKU Alder Lake processors, the whole world now lies in wait of the more affordable mid-tier to lower end ones. Thankfully, an official retail version of the Core i5-12400F has been spotted in Peru, confirming some of its non-performance-related information.

Cool Price, Not So Cool Stock Cooler

Image credit by ReDXfiRe via Xanxo Gaming

Peruvian tech enthusiast website Xanxo Gaming (which was then forwarded quickly to Videocardz) has published an article revealing a complete retail version of the Intel Core i5-12400F that is available for purchase in the country. This is significantly earlier than the intended release date in other American countries, particularly in the United States.

And the best part of this announcement? The article confirms that the retail price of the Core i5-12400F they bought amounted to something equivalent to 223 USD (899 SOL). Considering that this came with a considerable amount of VAT, it is very possible that this will retail for much less than 200 USD when it finally hit PC tech stores next year in the U.S of A.

In addition to its existence and official retail price, we also finally caught a far less presentation-ish glimpse of the brand new Laminar RM1 Intel stock cooler. Well, if the earlier leaked photos are to be referenced… there isn’t really anything new on this front. Pretty much confirms what we already disappointingly know: that those extra fins are plastic and just for show, and the actual aluminum grid fin stack is just about the same as what we have been seeing for a millenia. Heck, even the push-pins are still there. But hey, at least we got’em LED light rings like those Wraith Prism coolers amirite?

Non-official retail versions of the Core i5-12400(F), as well as claimed engineering samples of the SKUs have been floating around sites like eBay for a few weeks before this development. However, this will be the first time that true benchmark information about the CPU would be unveiled to the internet. Expect Xanxo Gaming to provide a complete report about its actual performance in the next few days to come.

Still Awaiting that Ryzen 6000 Competitor

Image credit by ReDXfiRe via Xanxo Gaming

Speaking of performance, most of the leaked Core i5-12400(F) samples have already previously shown that it can outpace the similar-tier Ryzen 5 5600X in almost all games, and have been shown to also compete toe-to-toe with multithreaded applications. Before Alder Lake, Zen 3 used to completely wipe the floor with Intel when it comes to productivity loads. In gaming, the older Rocket Lake and Comet Lake only manage to switch leads between games, with the selling point of these architectures mostly only for novelty, or for building cheaper mid-range builds using either the Core i5-10400F or i5-11400F.

This time, however, because the Core i5-12400(F) is finally confirmed to retail at almost 100 USD cheaper than the crowning mid-range Ryzen 5000 series performer, it simply doesn’t make sense to build a fresh new Ryzen 5 5600X system anymore. With the arrival of budget B660 and H670 Alder lake motherboards, and with price drops still abound for the Ryzen 7 5800X, it seems like the better choice for Team Red enthusiasts is simply to jump tiers.

That, or pray to the RNG gods that AMD still hasn’t completely forsaken the 100-200 USD category by the time Ryzen 6000 CPUs show up.

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