Upcoming Experiment Converts Toyota Moox Fleet into AR Tour Karts


Touring a Park, Video Game Style

Toyota may have tilted heads in confusion when the company previously unveiled the Moox fully autonomous car concept a few years ago. But at least one company, Aisan Technologies, is seriously considering their use in a more information-centric public application.

The main theme of the experiment is “experiencing outdoor public space in a novel manner.” Basically, the concept will be using a Moox unit’s autonomous driving capability to tour a specific public space.

In this case, the experiment target area will be the Aichi Earth Expo Memorial Park, at Ibaragabasama, Nagakute, in Aichi prefecture. Each of the small EV will be equipped with an AR interface, to display information about its surroundings, as the vehicle moves along areas of interest or certain elements of focus.

Users inside the vehicle may access or interact using standard controls. However, the experiment emphasizes that gestures may also be used.

As to how exactly this would go, we presume only the experiment participants will know in the next few days.

Future of AR Combined with Self-Driving Vehicles?

Aisan Technologies hopes that this proof-of-concept application would show the feasibility of such combined technologies into a new mode of IT-powered tourism.

After all, this could potentially make use of AR without having to rely on specific eyewear devices, as well as keep your eyes on the road since you are riding on a (presumably cruising speed) self-driving vehicle.

Aside from Toyota Boshoku, the experiment is also backed up by NNT Docomo, who presumably would provide the networking capability for the Moox EV fleet.

Also, as mentioned, Aisan Technologies plans to conduct the experiment on February 12 and will continue until the following week, on February 19. During this time, regular visitors of the park can avail to ride one of the units as part of the test.


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