LG’s Upcoming “Stacked” (16:18 aspect ratio) DualUp Monitor

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LG may not have been the premier brand for PC monitors nowadays, but it is spicing up the current lineup with its introduction of possibly the world’s first professional-grade 16:18 aspect ratio monitor. The DualUp Monitor, as it is named, will be catered towards productivity tasks that sorely need that extra vertical space.

The World’s First Commercial 16:18 Monitor

Officially named the LG 28MQ780, the DualUp monitor will sport a 27.6-inch, 2560×2880 resolution under that 16:18 hood. So it will essentially be two QHD monitors stacked on top of the other without a bezel separating them between (officially dubbed as, SDQHD). You know, kind of like what ultrawides are typically advertised for. Unlike traditional 4:3 aspect ratio displays, 16:18 won’t look as square as it should be, even though the unit comparison may seem much closer than the former.

As mentioned earlier, this monitor is definitely not meant for gamers or multimedia enthusiasts. Well, you definitely can use the allocated screen space for those things. But for the most part, the intended use is as you can see in the advertisement photos. This would especially be a boon for coders, who would always appreciate the extra vertical space. Though, depending on the price, it may or may not be on par with bigger but cheaper displays already on the market that can already provide a wide enough vertical space.

For its basic specs, LG has unveiled so far that it will have 300-nits of brightness, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 5ms gray-to-gray response time, and a “normal” refresh rate (most likely 75Hz). Display technology is nano IPS, color gamut is 98% DCI-P3 (sufficient enough for real-world photo editing)s, and strangely enough, HDR10 support. We’re not exactly sure how real this HDR support is, given that other monitors with such levels of brightness don’t exactly show any genuine HDR features other than a label sticker for advertising appeal.

Ports are pretty typical. It has one DisplayPort, two HDMI, a hub for two USB ports, and a single USB-C connector. It will also be bundled with speakers co-designed with MaxxAudio.

Probably the most interesting part of the package, aside from the aspect ratio, of course, is the ergo stand. Like, it literally is a clamp-based monitor stand, only proprietary, and can “magically” turn your DualUp Monitor into a 2880×2560 display.

Start of a New Trend? Or Overpriced Garbage?

We’re not exactly sure if the launch of the DualUp Monitor will suddenly create a demand boom for 16:18 displays, but it is interesting to see its developments for more… “enthusiastic” applications. We’ve already seen a multitude of non-standard tech products from different manufacturers catering to the same “productivity space” anyway. In fact, in the realm of displays, we already have stuff like massive 32:9 ultrawides (Neo G9 master race anyone?) that go far beyond just practical usability.

But of course, the other main factor that would drive up demand for a new product would always be price. It may be a nano IPS display, but we certainly hope that it becomes somewhat available for the average-ish user to enjoy.

LG is slated to give even more details about the upcoming monitor (along with the equally new 32UQ85R monitor), during its press conference at CES 2022 on January 4, 2022.

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