[All Fixes] Twitch Reset Password Not Working

[All Fixes] Twitch Reset Password Not Working
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Nothing is more frustrating than trying to login to your account and the password doesn’t match. If you stumbled across this article, you’re in the right place. It is the all in one guide for when you can’t reset your Twitch password.

You may have already tried out multiple ways to bypass the issue. If not, don’t worry. Follow this article and check which solution best fits your need.

Fix 1: Resetting Password

Sometimes it’s just a wrong password that you accidentally saved automatically during login. Browsers now automatically save the password if the option is enabled from the prompt. We will just reset our password for this one. For this to work, click on the forget password option. It will send a mail associated with your account. Follow the link and reset.

If there’s two-step authentication involved, check your phone for SMS or inbox of your email. After resetting, the browser may prompt you to update and save your password. Save it, and you’re all ready to go.

This step may be the simplest, but doing this may solve your issue and save much of your time.

Fix 2: Updating Account

If you’re using some unconventional email accounts like Proton mail, Yahoo mail, or Zoho mail, it may time to switch, at least with your Twitch account. These email address companies don’t put that much effort into updating their API like they used to. For that reason, specific procedures take longer than usual. You can use those emails for other tasks, but it’s better to use an account with Gmail for rapidly changing technology.

If you’re trying to reset the password multiple times and not receiving any emails in return, take a look in the spam folder. Many users forget to check the folder or sometimes even don’t know they exist. It would help if you got some codes or directions to gain access to your account from there.

Fix 3: Cache & Cookies

Clearing browser cache & cookies are such a simple process, but we forget this exists. We’re here to remind you that.

For Chrome, click on the lock icon beside the URL and click on that. A popup will appear. Remove browser cache & cookies. Hit “Done” & reload the page. If you want to do a hard reset, go to the settings of the browser. From there, clear cookies & browsing data. You may need to update the browser if plugins are not working correctly.

For Firefox, clearing cookies & cache is the same process. But if you’re using it for long, you may have blocked some permission. It could cause a login error. Goto options and scroll below to find the privacy & security tab. From here, delete cookies & clear the data. Restart the browser as the final step.

Now try to login again. This time, you can log in without any errors.

Fix 4: Internet Source & HTTP/SOCKS

It could be your internet connection that’s causing the error. If you’ve been connected for a long time, you may have encountered web pages not loading correctly or waiting a few extra seconds to load. Yes, this may be an error that occurred on your internet connection. Try switching to a modem if you have access to it. After logging in using that, you may disconnect and go back to your regular Wifi or Ethernet.

Also, you can use a proxy or VPN to log in to your account. Using HTTP/SOCKS is quite simple. Twitch has it’s own dedicated proxy. Tweaking this setting will change your systemwide internet setting. You can use ProxyCap to use this feature.

It’s straightforward to revert to your standard setting after the successful login. ProxyCap is mainly for desktop apps, but it gets the job done. Download ProxyCap for windows, mac, or even windows OS operated smartphones by visiting this link.

Similarly, you can ask your ISP to check up with Twitch IP with their setting. They might be suspiciously blocking your login activity unconsciously.

Important note: Before using ProxyCap, close other apps with internet dependency and not necessary to run at the moment.

Fix 5: Login via other options

By far, this is the easiest and simplest method to login to Twitch. Just click on login with Facebook. It will direct you to a smaller window that will ask for permission. Once you give permission, you’ll be logged in. Chances are during your Twitch account completion, and you may have connected your other accounts such as Steam, Facebook, etc. It is time to utilize that.

Do you have any other accounts? Can you login via mobile with mobile data? If your twitch reset password is not working, utilize this method. We believe this will solve your login related issue. If not, you haven’t run out of luck yet. Please check our next solution.

Fix 6: Going Incognito

Incognito is a life-saver sometimes. Removes the hassle of browsing some sites without worrying about leaving traces. Click the options button on any browser; there is an option named “Incognito mode.” Hit that and visit Twitch. You should be able to log in without the reset password error.

Even if this fails, try a different browser. Brave is a pretty reliable browser for this.

To download, visit this link. It’s a chromium-based browser, so the set-up method is the same as Chrome.

Fix 7: Twitch Support

If none of the above methods worked for you, which it should. Read the FAQ & support page on their website. You may pick up a few new policies there. But your last hope should be talking to a support assistant of Twitch. Follow this link to fill in the contact form.

Fill in the form with appropriate information with 100% accuracy. Someone from the support team will get back to you pretty quickly and resolve your issue.

After following these steps, you should be login into your account without any password errors. The steps mentioned above are tested and resolved recently. So, all the information is updated. We hope you find this guide useful.

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