Exclusive Twisted Wonderland Tamagotchi “Twistetchi” Available for Pre-Order

Disney Twisted Wonderland Tamagotchi
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Disney: Twisted Wonderland, a mobile rhythm game developed and published by f4samurai and Aniplex (with the support of the eponymous entertainment giant), has revealed that it will be distributing promo-limited Tamagotchi toys in the theme of its world and setting.

The game’s title may be a name surprising for some, but it has been released and available since March 2020 for iOS and Android devices.

The product in question (dubbed as “Twistetchi”) promotes the theme and setting of the game, connecting to its locations, and allowing users to enjoy the simpler, similar elements that can be incorporated in a Tamagotchi. There are a total of seven (7) different models/versions available. Each represents the Night Raven College dorms, letting you nurture and take care of a Grim, which are the standard fare sentient magical weapons within the main game.

At times you’ll feed them macarons and canned tuna, and sometimes pacify them when disturbed or restless. Also, according to its promo description, the “Twistetchi” will also provide at least two extra mini-games, with the subjects Magic History and Alchemy to be learned as “lessons”.

Lastly, each Tamagotchi will be encased in a very premium-looking deluxe box, with an accompanying metallic chain strap and keychains representing the emblems of each of the Night Raven College dorms.

The products’ announcement came as an update today, with its official page appearing on Premium Bandai’s online shop just a few hours ago. The information provided by the page and its official sources state that a pre-order campaign for these exclusive products is currently ongoing, and is scheduled to end on March 19th. The product listing shows that it will be sold at 4180 yen (about 40 USD) and delivered to pre-order customers sometime during June this year.

You can pre-order the “Twistetchi” here, on the Japanese P-Bandai Shop or from JapanYouWant.com if you’re in the US (credit to the users who commented in this Reddit thread)

Please note that no information is available detailing if the “Twistetchi” can be connected to mobile devices (smartphones) via an app.

Source: 4gamer.net

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