Toshiba’s Smart Receipt Rolls out to Cafeterias to Monitor Company Members Health

Toshiba Smart Receipts

Toshiba is had just rolled out its Smart Receipt app system onto two of its local branches in Japan.

The main objective is to use it as a testbed for a multi-purpose digital healthcare monitoring project.

The two local branches in question were the Hamamatsu and Kawasaki office branches. The Japanese tech giant had just introduced its proprietary digital billing system onto the office cafeterias for testing.

While the data collected from this setup will be generally used as a digital healthcare system proof-of-concept, it will have two distinct applications. The first one is to use the purchase data directly to develop personalized healthcare services. These services will be tailored specifically to the individual’s nutrition value and intake amount, as recorded by the presumed eaten food items.

As its name suggests, Smart Receipt is a mobile app-based system that uses a special automated barcode scanner to create digital copies of receipts taken in stores. It has been in service since February of last year, and it happened to be prominently used as one of the numerous contactless billing systems in Japan at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The AI that will be used with the Smart Receipt system for the tests, at least according to what has been revealed, is the same lifestyle-related disease prediction AI that was jointly developed with Sompo Holdings Inc. last October 2018. It was developed to be capable of anticipating one’s state of health six years ahead of time, when given the correct amount and level of information. Its services became officially available last July 2020.

Toshiba plans to expand tests for its Smart Receipt system as it continues to collect user data within Hamamatsu and Kawasaki branches. The next step is to integrate it with more branches across the country within the following months, and then expand the types of data that it could accurately record.

Source: PR Times

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