Smartphones with Wireless Earbuds Included? What You Need to Know.

Smartphones with Wireless Earbuds Included

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Wireless earbuds have proven their worth in the tech world.

No more switching headphones because the jack is not working or spending five minutes untangling the wires before starting a meeting. And let’s not forget the classic one earpiece working (only)!

People are wondering what’s next in line?

Perhaps a smartphone that comes with wireless earbuds?

Is there a Smartphone that comes with Wireless Earbuds?

The short answer is No! But there are some promising developments in this area.

Also, Samsung has given away free earbuds with smartphones for a limited time. With each pre-order, you could claim your earbuds through the Samsung Members app on your new device. Mobile companies frequently offer such incentives to their customers. Mostly with pre-orders.

We’ll explore the present and future of this innovative idea in this post.

The Current State Smartphones with Wireless Earbuds

Many tech giants such as Apple and Google have launched their popular wireless earbuds.

Apple includes wireless EarPods with the iPhone and sells the AirPods separately. Google recently launched the Pixel buds.

Those earbuds are a piece of art and provide excellent sound quality.

But on the other hand, they’re quite expensive!

There are some speculations that Apple’s iPhone 12 will come with wireless headphones, but there’s nothing we can say for sure at the moment.

There’s a Chance

We don’t know about Apple, but Chinese tech giant, Xiaomi is trying to get ahead of the game with an innovative idea.

Xiaomi applied for a patent at the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) published on the 24th of July 2020.

What’s unique about this smartphone?

The two earbuds housed at the top of the smartphones.

Yes, inside the smartphone!

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The design of the earphones is also unique as they can be bent. They’re stored in an upright position into the smartphone and bent to fit into the user’s ear. The dual-purpose earphones can also serve as speakers if needed.

Is it a Good Idea to Launch Smartphones with Wireless Earbuds?

Now this futuristic design sounds very appealing!

The very first smartphone designed equipped with wireless earbuds.

But is the idea practical?

There are a few drawbacks to this design too.

For instance, with the earphones housed inside the body of the smartphone, what negative impacts will it have on the device?

Would the device be water-resistant?

How about the battery drain?

If the smartphone works as a charger for the earphones, then it will cause the battery to drain faster. The extra battery drain is a significant drawback in itself!

Also, as wireless earbuds are not precisely cheap, how much will the first smartphone with wireless earbuds cost?

Those are questions for another day!

Let us know if you would like to buy a smartphone with wireless earbuds!

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