Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Coming This June 9th

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Coming This June 9th

The long-awaited supposedly-not-new-game-but-technical-update to the almost decade-long Sega MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2, is set to launch officially far sooner than players initially thought. And in a weird “seductive” PR twist, the game will open itself to both international players and local Japanese enthusiasts on 6.9!

[4K] PSO2 New Genesis Intro Movie

The Last Two Teaser Updates: Weapon Updates, Story, and Characters

Prior to the upcoming reveal of the official release date, Sega has at least unveiled two more major teaser details for the game. One portion emphasized weapon updates, which combined newly revealed ideas, with the latter half of it being modified concepts based on the opinions gathered last two closed beta test sessions. The other finally introduced more story bits and characters, which also inevitably introduced many upcoming new areas of the game as well.

To summarize, here are the most important bits of the two live streams:

PSO2 New Genesis Prologue 3 (April 22, 2021)

『PSO2 NEW GENESIS Prologue 3』 (4/22/2021)

Live stream session for April 2021 mostly reflected on the information collected from gameplay data and survey opinions from the last implemented close beta tests. Some of the first few ARKS field agents are introduced, with additional character creation tweaking perks unveiled as well.

Specific highlights:

  • First mention of general release date, and that it will be both a Global and JP launch
  • Many vital changes made to the game system via close beta test survey results
  • New ARKS characters, both indigenous to the planet Halpha and those that aren’t
  • Default Cast-race character reveal
  • Additional accessory tweaking options
  • Physical product packages related to PSO2 New Genesis

PSO2 New Genesis Prologue 4 (May 25, 2021)

『PSO2 NEW GENESIS Prologue 4』 (5/25/2021)

The last session mostly focused on presenting new areas, as well as new enemies for those locations. Also, more characters from the ARKS side (player organization side) were unveiled, and a few update tweaks for all initially launched weapons were presented as well.

This also marks the first time the live stream presented regular update details in the style of the classic PSO2 Station live streams, showing new scratch (gacha) costumes, weekly campaigns, as well as a far more detailed development roadmap.

Specific highlights:

  • Release of the reduced game launcher, for character creation and system benchmarking
  • Reveal of more water-based locations and the Vanford Laboratory Ruins
  • Reveal of new enemy Dolls
  • Reveal of ARKS operator characters, and its current director Crawford
  • Updates for certain skills for all classes and all weapons available at launch
  • New AC scratch information
  • Game launch campaign information
  • Future update details, such as the arrival of Bouncer class and Braver class later this year

Launch Date Uncertainty

Ever since the “Summer 2021” release date information was revealed since last year, opinions from the general PSO2 community have been divided. One portion think of whether this would actually be a June/July/August release, while the other portion considers the possibility that Sega would simply go for a “technically Summer 2021” release, pushing the date all the way to August.

This is because, as of the quick announcement of the game during the last quarter of 2020, confidence was pretty low on its completion rate. The opinion is even more compounded as the first CBT runs were concluded, due to many test players citing the apparent incompleteness of the game’s engine. Indeed, even the benchmark tool already available for general use, the results vary so greatly that performance is relatively inconsistent.

Even as the “June 2021” launch date was revealed, many still insisted that the date will be pushed back as far as Sega can to increase the chances of a stable launch. Fortunately, (or perhaps unfortunately for some) Sega completely did the opposite to everyone’s surprise, even adding a slightly more “fun” twist to the actual date.

PSO2: New Genesis on 6.9!

With the date confirmed on June 9th, this means that we are just about a week away from the official release. There seem to be no OBTs as initially speculated, though hopefully(?) this will provide a nice stable launch to all that have been waiting for so long.

According to the details provided by Sega, a pre-scheduled extended maintenance for PSO2 servers will be done at least two days before the launch (starts are June 7th). This is as opposed to the regular six-hour maintenance that its management usually does on Wednesdays. The intended opening of the servers will still be about the same time as it finishes its six-hour schedule, so if no problems occur, the earliest time that PSO2: NGS will launch will be on July 9, 2021, 16:00 JST.

Now the question is, would there really be no problems during maintenance? Even the JP Twitter community is filled with extended maintenance memes, which means pretty much the expectation for a smooth, early 16:00 JST launch was never too high in the first place.

… Or maybe it’s just the same pessimists who insisted on an August 31, 2021 23:59 JST launch.

Title: Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis
Release Date: June 9, 2021
Genre: High Action/Phasion MMORPG
Official Twitter (Japanese): @sega_pso2
Official YouTube (English):
Official YouTube (Japanese):
Distribution Format: Free-to-Play (F2P)
Operating System: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, MS-Windows
Copyright: Sega


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