Panasonic Launches SDK for Vieureka Deep Learning Camera Lineup

Panasonic Launches SDK for Deep Learning Camera Lineup

Panasonic had just announced this Monday (January 18) that a starter development kit version of its Vieureka series of deep learning AI cameras will be available in the next few days.

The official announcement came in the form of a press release at the company’s official Newsroom portal (Japanese).

The SDK version is usually aimed at building a custom system package, in this case for business or establishments that plans to use the smart AI camera platform for more specific purposes.

A short presentation of Vieureka Platform Compatible Smart Cameras

Vieureka Platform Compatible Smart Cameras

However, according to the announcement details, this SDK is also optimized for preliminary assessments.

For example, it can function as a quick testbed, providing the full features of the Viereka Platform (PF) in short bursts of time , even when used locally (its deep learning AI system requires a cloud-based database). Of course, the full suite of applications and system creation options will also be available for this version.

Vieureka, as an official product line, was first announced in 2018, after Panasonic unveiled its plans to develop a visual customer analysis base platform using a smart imaging system the year prior. Its most important feature is the incorporation of an image recognition engine (developed by PUX Corporation). This was primarily used to detect customers and their activities, to analyze them in real-time. This is as opposed to the more standard method of saving the media recording first, before sending it to the cloud for a separate AI to analyze later.

The product was then officially released for business owners just last year in May 2020 in two versions. The first was the quad-core CPU-based VRK-201, and the other was the six-core CPU-based VRK-301. Both use a 30fps full HD 1080p camera, has Micro SD card support, and is installed with a number of wireless technologies for data communication and additional sensor input.

It is slated to be released this coming Thursday, January 21. Its introductory price will vary depending on the distributor and where it would be locally purchased (no fixed retail price).

Source: Panasonic News

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