[All Fixes] No Sound on Youtube

No Sound on YouTube
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Youtube remains the most popular and fastest video streaming website around the globe. The popularity of Youtube is due to its excellent performance. Although, there are some instances when people faced certain issues with sound, video, or otherwise.

If you’re here then you’re probably facing a no sound issue on Youtube. It’s pretty annoying when the sound suddenly stops in the middle of a video but there are multiple things you can do about it.

In this article, we will discuss all solutions to fix the no sound issue on Youtube. The solutions included in the list are:

  • Check Your Computer’s Volume Settings
  • Check the Mute Button on Youtube
  • Check the Browser Tab Audio Toggle
  • Use an Incognito/Private Tab
  • Update Audio Drivers
  • Use a Different Browser
  • Run the Audio Troubleshooter
  • Flash Player

Common Reasons for Sound Issues on Youtube Facing this Issue

As the solution depends on your unique problem, we cannot give you one solution that solves all problems. Some common reasons behind the sound issue on Youtube are:

  • Computer sound settings are on mute
  • Browser audio or Youtube video is on mute
  • Audio drivers are not up-to-date

It might take a little while for you to find the solution to go through all the fixes discussed below to find one that solves the sound issue on your computer.

Fix 1: Check Your Computer’s Volume Settings

The first and foremost thing to check when there’s no sound in the Youtube video is to check your computer’s volume settings. On my laptop, I often accidentally press the mute button and get frustrated when the sound doesn’t work.

To check your computer’s audio settings:

  1. Navigate to the small speaker icon on the bottom-right corner of your computer screen
  2. You will see a cross (x or /) on the speaker icon if the volume is turned off
  3. Unmute the computer audio by turning up the volume
    Note: the pop-up window might look different in different computers.

If that doesn’t work then open the volume mixer to check if your browser sound settings are on mute.

  1. Right click on the speaker icon and click on Open volume mixer
  2. In the volume mixer, unmute the browser volume by clicking on the speaker icon.

IF your computer volume settings were not on mute then check the mute button on the Youtube video in the browser next.

Fix 2: Check the Mute Button on Youtube

The first thing to do when the sound suddenly stops is to check the mute button on your Youtube page. You might have pressed the m key on your keyboard to accidentally prompt mute.

To solve this issue, check the bottom left corner of the Youtube video (besides the next button) if the speaker is muted. (See the image below).

Unmute the video by clicking on the speaker icon or pressing the m key on your keyboard.

Fix 3: Check the Browser Tab Audio Toggle

In some browsers (such as Opera), you can mute a specific tab by clicking on the small speaker button by the name of the tab.

To unmute the browser tab:

  1. Place your mouse pointer on top of the Youtube icon where the video is playing.
  2. If the tab is on mute, then unmute it by clicking on the speaker button

If the no sound issues was caused due to the browser tab then it should be resolved by now. If it’s not resolved then move on to the next solution in the list.

Fix 4: Use an Incognito/Private Tab

Most issues related to audio are caused due to the system or browser’s audio settings. Although, in some very rare cases, it might be a browser-related issue such as too many cache files. This issue can be resolved by opening an incognito/private tab.

To open Youtube in an incognito tab:

  1. Incognito tabs are called private tabs in some browsers (such as Opera)
  2. To open an incognito tab in Opera, click on the big red O icon on the top-right corner of the browser window and click on New private window or press Ctrl + Shift + N to open a private tab
  3. To open an incognito tab in Google Chrome, click on the three dots on the top-left corner of the browser window and click on New incognito tab or press Ctrl + Shift + N to open a new incognito tab

If opening an incognito tab does not solve your issue, then try the next method on the list.

Fix 5: Update Audio Drivers

Audio drivers are crucial pieces of software that let the operating system connect and communicate with the computer hardware. If your audio drivers are outdated or missing audio drivers then you end up facing a no audio issue. In this case, updating the audio drivers will fix the no audio issue.

To update the audio drivers in Windows 10:

  1. Press Windows key + R, in the dialog box type “devmgt.msc” and hit enter.
  2. That will open the Device Manager window, locate the Audio input and outputs toggle, and click on it.
  3. Right-click on the audio device you want to update (in my case speakers) and select Update driver in the drop-down menu.

    Important: check the audio inputs and outputs icons for exclamation marks. If there are none, then proceed towards updating all drivers under the Audio input and outputs option.
  4. In the update driver window, select Search automatically for updated audio driver software.

Your computer will automatically start looking for the driver updates. Wait for the process to complete and see if your issue is resolved. If driver updates are not available then try the next solutions in the list.

Fix 6: Use a Different Browser

If the browser tab is not on mute and opening an incognito window doesn’t work then it’s probably time to try a new browser. Your current browser might have some core problem that’s causing the no sound issue on Youtube.

Important: make sure that your browser is up-to-date before trying this option.

If the issue is related to the browser then you can either wait for a new update or try a new browser. There are multiple browser options available in the market. If you’re using Google Chrome, then Opera or Firefox might be a great new option for you.

You can either use a new browser temporarily or even migrate your browser files and settings to the new browser for permanent use.

Fix 7: Run the Audio Troubleshooter

Windows 10 offers several troubleshooters to (automatically) help resolve various issues on your computer. You can use the troubleshooter to check if there’s an issue with your sound system.

To run the troubleshooter in Windows 10:

  1. Open the start menu and click on the settings icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen
  2. In the settings window, select Update and Security
  3. Locate the Troubleshoot option in the left sidebar on your screen and click on Run the troubleshooter under Playing audio
  4. In the troubleshooter video, click on the audio device you’re currently to run the troubleshooter

Wait for the troubleshooter to detect the issue and help you fix it. If nothing else works for you, then it’s time to check the Flash player on your computer.

Fix: 8 Flash Player

The Flash player is often the reason behind sound issues for Windows users. Common problems with Flash player can be described as:

  • Issues in the latest update: if you recently updated Flash player and facing issues ever since then going back to the previous version might help.
  • Issues due to an outdated version: if the issue is caused because of an outdated Flash player version then updating Flash player to the latest version will resolve the issue

Let us know which of the methods resolved the no sound issue on Youtube. If you can’t hear audio on Youtube then your issue is probably hardware related. Switching to another audio device will probably help.

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