How to turn off vibration for notifications on Android 11

Android Notifications

Android’s vibrations for every text message can be annoying and distracting, and most results on Google/Youtube about how to disable the *bad vibrations* seem outdated or just did not work for my phone.

After 6 months of putting my Samsung 20 FE on Mute and missing important calls, I’ve decided to do something about it.

Clicking on the notification itself and editing the settings won’t help you. You need to go into the belly of the beast (which is quite easy to do).

Here’s how you turn off the vibration for notifications:

Step 1. Go to Settings

Samsung 20FE Android Settings

Step 2. Tap Sounds and Vibration

Step 3. Tap Vibration Intensity

Step 4. Drag the Notification slider completely to the left

There you have it!

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