Gundam Joins Mobile Bandwagon Once Again with New Game

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Bandai Namco Entertainment flips a surprise with the big announcement of a brand new game for its massively popular Gundam franchise. Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. Engage, as it is named will be yet another pivotal money cash grab appearance of the beloved mecha IP to mobile devices.

What was Revealed with Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. Engage So Far?

(NOTE: this video is a repost of the official one, which is currently region restricted.)

As strongly hinted by the teaser poster and title of the game, Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. Engage will be set in the legendary Universal Century, home of the original all-time classics that protagonists like Amuro Ray and Kamille Bidan exist in. This of course also includes all other series set in the same universe much later on (the Gundam Unicorn adaptations, for example), those that usually feature highly updated visuals for the modern audience of the post-2000’s era.

Like most PV teasers, this one didn’t include much in the way of explaining any gameplay mechanics (despite being 47 seconds long). But at the very least, it did show a tiny bit of what supposedly the actual game footage may look like (as opposed to just leaving the teaser as a useless announcement). Sadly, there’s not much to say here either at the moment. The graphics are what you would expect in today’s mobile devices, and it features a strategy-like party dispatch system, with an ally/enemy opposition gauge to boot!

The units shown in the teaser are all over the place (statistically and literally) as expected. Though to be fair, you wouldn’t really expect to hear any availability or scope-related information at this point in time anyway.

Most of the other stuff revealed in the announcement has been condensed so far in the recently launched official website, which you can visit here. (Japanese)

Additional Information Coming Very Soon

Thankfully, both the promotional teaser and official website did include one important detail: that a project announcement conference is scheduled to be held on November 16, 2021, at 22:00 JST. The livestream should be available at the official Mobile Suit Gundam channel on YouTube, albeit it’s only going to be available for Premium users. Cross your fingers that it won’t be region-restricted as well at least!

As for the information to be unveiled, the focus seems to be the development of the title concept, most likely highlighting the (usual) partnership work between Bandai Namco and Sunrise when it comes to this massively popular mecha IP. So, don’t get your hopes too much with specific gameplay mechanics, or even promotional stuff, for this first reveal.

In addition, the original voice actor of Amuro Ray (and other future Gundam series) Tooru Furuya, will be attending as a guest at the announcement conference as well. Might be worth that premium subscription requirement.

Oh and, if you can’t be arsed to remove those viewing restrictions, you can still at least check out the official Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. Engage Twitter account to see the latest developments for the upcoming mobile game.

Opening Campaigns and Milestones

Along with the game reveal, Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. Engage also opened its pre-registration campaign. You know the drill, break milestones, accumulate rewards, get’em upon official release. So far, the rewards information shown by the campaign are as follows:

  • 10,000 pre-registrants – 100 Diamonds
  • 30,000 pre-registrants – 200 Diamonds
  • 50,000 pre-registrants – 400 Diamonds
  • 80,000 pre-registrants – 800 Diamonds
  • 100,000 pre-registrants – 1500 Diamonds plus a special RX-78 UR Gundam (unspecified)

Remember, campaign details are always subject to sudden changes, so do check them somewhat regularly if you’re interested to play this game.

Title: Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. Engage
Release Date: December 2021 (unconfirmed)
Genre: Space Century War Simulation
Official Game Page (Japanese):
Official Twitter (Japanese):
Official YT (Japanese): (partially restricted)
Distribution Format: Free-2-Play
Operating System: Android, iOS
Copyright: Bandai Namco, Sunrise
(Official Distribution Intended for Japan Only)


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