Guilty Gear Strive: New character Happy Chaos

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Arc System Works opens the week with a big reveal of the next character lineup for its current iteration of the Guilty Gear series. After Jack-O’ returns to the franchise several months ago with an exciting meme-worthy move-set surprise, the next announced character Happy Chaos follows suit with a rather… more laid back approach to the stereotypical transcendent existences of the game’s setting.

Oh, and also other related updates were unveiled.

Happy Chaos: Befitting of his Capricious Identity

Largely referred to as the character who discovered the intra-dimensional realm known as the Backyard, Happy Chaos has since then gone beyond time and existence with his absorbed power and significantly altered physical appearance. No longer bound by regular human thoughts, he rides with the flow of events, and true to his codename, thrives on the sheer excitement of spontaneity and humanity’s limits.

At least, that’s how the story of the game introduces him to the audience.

As a now-playable game character, his primary fighting strategy revolves around the use of unique gun mechanics. As shown here, it’s not just a specific long-range move, but part of his entire move-set. Options for this semi-unique mode include:

  • Firing burst shots during aim mode, which slightly increases in damage as the gauge runs out and decreases in damage (from the original value) when it charges. Happy Chaos can’t block during this mode but is cancellable with a button command.
  • Executing shots at any point in the battle. Except for special extended motions for certain moves, Happy Chaos can insert his shots anytime in-between attacks.
  • Specific stances, such as steady aim, allows more powerful and faster shots, but it completely removes the option to jump or to do other special moves (in addition to being unable to block).
  • Reloading, which refills his six-shot rounds with a quick interceding animation. Can reload one bullet at a time for more instantaneous action.
  • His overdrive, Deus Ex Machina, requires the shoot system’s concentration gauge to execute. The upside though, is that it fills all six shots of his rounds stack when activated.

The rest of his other unique moves, such as concentration gauge-related moves, forward rolls, or basic attacks also add to the rather unique flavor of his resource-based offensive approach. Maybe limiting in terms of true power levels. But hey, it still fits his do-whatever attitude. As Happy Chaos himself puts it, “it’s all cause and effect” (of what you want to use and don’t).

Will this addition to the roster prove to be too much for the current tier list? Or simply another gimmick for casual enjoyment? We’ll see in the next few weeks days.

Other Concurrent Guilty Gear Strive Updates

Aside from the Happy Chaos’ reveal, several updates and fixes are also slated for the implementation of Guilty Gear -Strive- version 1.11. The shortlist of what to expect within the game itself (not the options and modes) for the fixes are as follows:

  • Throw clash fix for some weird, unusual post-execution bug
  • Direction fix for characters blown back via Psych Burst and Roman Cancel, while both characters overlap each other.
  • Execution bug fix for Roman Cancel moves when dashing immediately afterward.
  • Wall break value scaling fix for May’s Mr. Dolphin (horizontal) move.
  • Positional fix for Chipp’s Zansei Rouga, to prevent accidental grounding.
  • Hitbox fix for Potemkin’s Giganter Kai (it sometimes remains even when no longer active).
  • Positional fix for Zato-1’s Damned Fang move when moving to weird position when using Roman Cancel right after the said move.
  • Behavior fix for Ramlethal’s swords during certain situations.
  • Several bug fixes for Jack-O’ related to Servant moves.

The complete list of tweaks and fixes for version 1.11 (with those other than gameplay), is available at the official update notes here.

For the new feature update, player match rooms will now have a new “room arrangement”, which of course, also includes all accessories and stuff that would be needed to use this feature. Items and articles such as wallpapers, backgrounds, ornaments, and other types of decorations will add a flair of personal touch for its user, and would also allow groups of friends to show and visit each others’ rooms during matches. This will be available at the same time the Happy Chaos character update is implemented (November 30, 2021).

Title: Guilty Gear -Strive-
Release Date: June 11, 2021; November 30, 2021 (Happy Chaos update)
Genre: Action, Versus
Official Game Page (Japanese):
Official Guilty Gear Twitter:
Official YT (Arc System Works):
Distribution Format: Full game (Paid title)
System Support: PS4, PS5, PC, Arcade
Copyright: Arc System Works

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