5 Notable Indie Games from “Game Vket Zero” VR-based Game Showcase

“Game Vket Zero” VR-based Game Showcase Title Highlights

Game Vket Zero, a VR-based gaming showcase and fair held in Japan, concluded its last event schedule this May 5th. A number of interesting titles came up throughout the event, ranging from the utmost simplistic ones, a couple of familiar ones, and a few ones that might actually build hype after its reveal.

Wait, What is Game Vket Zero?

Game Vket Zero was the brainchild of the Japanese company HIKKY (VR法人HIKKY). As of today, the company is the leading VR-based events management company in the world, keeping several notable events starting 2019 and during the first few months of 2021 on its portfolio. Among the most notable ones include:

  • Virtual Market – this is the company’s flagship VR event. Allows various business entities to open up shops within a vast set of different virtual spaces, where attendees can go and look around.
  • Comic Vket Zero – Much like the famous Comic Market (Comike), it features workshops, booths, stands, and groups where Akiba-type goods can be showcased, demoed, or even purchased by attendees, all within a VR environment.
  • Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival – was a specific occasion held last 2019 which introduced a good portion of its events in VR. As its title describes, this is where publishing affiliate Dengeki Bunko showcased its wide suite of titles for its fans.

Notable Indie Game Highlights

Game Vket Zero was held last Golden Week, starting from April 29th, and ending just last May 5th. There were over 90 developers who were present at this event, all showcasing their ideas, concepts, and actual full games to attendees.

Among the notable (or at least eye-catching) indie titles that turned up in this event were:


【VRサンドボックスゲーム】Primitier GameVketZero出展映像

Basically a more “granular” version of Minecraft’s most basic building mechanics. Primitier allows full-on avatars to play with the world’s elements, demonstrating some of the highly customizable physics simulations that can be done on the game. The demo is pretty much still an alpha version in the works, so none of the full features described to be available to the game are shown just yet.

Vulture -Unlimited Frontier-

【UE4】Vulture -Unlimited Frontier-/0 無料動作確認版1.22【GameVket】

Vulture -Unlimited Frontier- is a mecha-action game that is very reminiscent of titles such as Armored Core V, offering high-octane three-dimensional mecha combat plus a comprehensive build customization system. It does not seem to have a VR version based on its official description and demo video, but it would be surprising to see how it would incorporate such a feature without players filling their barf bags afterward.

Drive Crazy

ドライブクレイジー 予告編

Are you the type of gamer who absolutely loves wrecking the road in games like Grand Theft Auto V? Then this one might be right up your highway. Aptly titled Drive Crazy, the impression gave by its short demo was that of chaos and destruction, literally. A lot of that drifting, explosive driving, property destruction, wall-climbing, building-hopping, and last but not least, office obliteration. Would it ultimately prove to be the afterwork stress-reliever that it appears to be? We’ll just have to stick around to find out.

Rain on Your Parade

Rain on Your Parade - Release Date Trailer

Now here’s something that some of you might be familiar with already. In Rain on Your Parade, you play as a seemingly omnipotent 2D cloud, and your job is well… to rain on everybody’s parade. Cause floods, ignite fires, inflict collateral damage, anything that would completely ruin the day of everyone that you come across. It is already slated to be released for the PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, but it is still quite nice to see that it was also showcased at Game Vket Zero.

Neon Tail

Neon Tail live Apr. 29

Yup, Neon Tail also made its official appearance last Game Vket Zero. Its project started in 2018, and with its early access mode available since 2019, it has undergone continued side-progression by its three-man dev team. Players initially described it as “Jet Set Radio-inspired (but not similar) open world roller skating game”, and indeed that has been the reputation of the game even today. Curiously, Game Vket Zero lists the game with its official full-release date as December 31, 2021, which is a piece of information that doesn’t seem to be available or known anywhere else.

Want to see the entire list? Visit Game Vket Zero’s official catalog page here (Japanese), and click on the color world that you want to display each circle group and their showcased game title.


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