Eve Announces Delay for the Spectrum Monitors

Eve Announces Delay for the Spectrum Monitors

In an interesting turn of events, Eve has delayed the Spectrum, again, until April 20 at the earliest. This comes weeks after the company sent engineering samples to reviewers (read our review and first look of the sample model here) to “showcase” the current state of the project. Kira Hu, Eve’s Project Manager, announced through a blog post the new shipping dates for the Spectrum monitors.

We were among the first review sites to get hands-on with the 4k 144Hz pre-production sample, which was initially slated for launch on February 26. It was great so far with a sleek design and functional display, but it had a bunch of issues, and most of the features that Eve promised us weren’t available.

Eve has now come forward and admitted that “at this point, we no longer expect to hit our target of February 26th and will have to adjust our timeline.”

Eve went ahead to provide a timeline of events along with an image of several monitors in what looks like a “test lab.” They highlighted some of the issues they are currently working on (not solved), including firmware, On-Screen Display, redesigning the joystick, final hardware touches, and the packaging, which apparently “could cause damage to the joystick’s switch.” Eve also said they are working to enable firmware updates through USB, a feature which is not available in most monitors.

These are the issues we (and other reviewers) raised after using the pre-production sample, and it’s good that Eve has come forward to address the challenges and let the public know that they are working to fix the bugs. Well, at a price, of course. And there is more. Eve says they are still waiting for “parts, certification, testing, and firmware updates.”

If you piece all these things together, there is no way the Spectrum will be ready by February 26. The Project Manager insisted that they want to ship a complete product to its users and the least they could do is give them time. That is not a problem if it were another company, but based on Eve’s past, it doesn’t sit too well with some users.

Eve started taking pre-orders for the monitors back in January 2020, with expected shipping dates on Q3 and Q4 of 2020. The monitors have since been delayed two times. The QHD 144Hz model was pushed back to Q1 2021, and then the 4K 144Hz and QHD 240Hz models followed to February 26, 2021. Announcing new shipping dates is not what most users expected.

These are the new shipping dates for the Eve Spectrum monitors.

That’s three months from now at the earliest. Eve did no clarify if these dates meant shipping from China to warehouses or from the warehouse to users. Any attempts to ask for clarification were met with a simple “Several shipping options will be offered; we will provide more details later.”

The announcement comes at a time when several reputable companies, including Asus, MSI, and LG, have announced their lineup of HDMI 2.1 monitors. But there is still no monitor that can match the spec sheet of the Spectrum monitors. The new Acer Nitro XV282K KV is the closest that can get to the Spectrum 4k 144Hz, but it won’t be available until May. If you’re willing to forego HDMI 2.1, the Alienware AW2721D (now available) can be a suitable replacement for the QHD/240Hz version.

The Eve Spectrum is still an excellent monitor with a great combination of features not available in other monitors. But there is still a long way until we see an actual functioning product with all the features intact.

Source: Eve Devices

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