[All Fixes] Discord Mic Not Working

[All Fixes] Discord Mic Not Working
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Discord is the most popular platform for gamers. However, it has some common issues like Discord mic not working.

The Discord development team keeps releasing regular updates to fix bugs and more. Still, the Discord microphone not working remains one of the most common issues.

To save you the trouble of scouring the depths of the internet to find each solution that has worked before, we have listed every fix to the Discord mic not working issue in this guide. You will find screenshots and step-by-step instructions to fix your issue fast and easily.

In this article, we will discuss all fixes to the Discord mic not working issue. Make your way through the guide to find out what the issue is and how to fix it.

The fixes for the Discord mic not working issue discussed in this article include:

  • Check the external factors
  • Restart your computer
  • Log out of Discord
  • Select the correct input device
  • Update audio drivers
  • Reset discord voice settings
  • Enable automatic input audio sensitivity setting
  • Run Discord as an administrator
  • Enable Push to talk
  • Disable exclusive mode in Windows
  • Change privacy setting
  • Disable QoS in Discord

Fix 1: Check The External Factors

Before moving on to the complex solutions, it’s important to make sure to check a few simple things first.

We are including a checklist of external factors to check your mic/headset.

USB connection

If you’re using a wired headset or mix, then start by checking your mic’s USB connection. It’s one of the most common reasons behind the mic issues. Just make sure, unplug your headset and plug it in again.

Sometimes, you may be hearing everything on the headset, but the mic is not transmitting audio. In this case, try switching your headset to a spare one to make sure.

Switch Peripherals

If you have spare headphones lying around, then try switching your headset. There’s always a spare pair at home especially if you are a gamer. If you don’t have a spare set at home, then borrow one from your friends or family and see if the device is the issue.

Mute Settings

We often don’t realize that we muted the computer or the headset. sometimes, we accidentally hit mute on the application and don’t realize. Some headphones have a mute button on the side too.

To rule out this factor, check the mute settings in your computer and headset. If the mic is not muted then try the next solution.

Volume Mixer

In the volume mixer, sometimes the mic volume is turned down. Check your computer mic volume to make sure that it’s not the case.

Check Channel Permissions

It is important to notice if the problem happens in all servers or is it specific to one?

If the problem is specific to a single server, then reach out to the server owner or admin. Make sure that you have the correct permissions, ask them to enable the following voice permissions for you.

To enable permissions in a server:

  1. Click on the server icon at the top-left corner of the screen.
  2. In the server room, click on the lounge settings icon in the left panel.
  3. In settings, click on permissions in the left panel to edit permission settings.
  4. Enable the following voice permissions:
    1. Connect
    2. Speak
    3. Video

Fix 2: Restart Your Computer

Restarting a computer is the Holy Grail in the Tech community. It’s the basic solution but works like a wonder. If you haven’t already, restart your computer to ensure that another application is not blocking the mic.

Fix 3: Logout of Discord

A quick fix to the Discord mic not working issue is to log in and out of Discord a few times over. However, logging out of Discord is a temporary fix. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, then try the other solutions discussed below.

To log out of Discord’s desktop version:

  1. In the bottom-left corner, click the User Settings icon.
  2. In the left panel, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Log Out.

Now close and reopen the application window, relaunch Discord, login, and use the mic again. If it’s still not working, try logging in and out of Discord several times to make it work.

If logging out of Discord didn’t work, then go for the next method in the guide.

Fix 4: Select the Correct Input Device in Discord

It is not exactly common but sometimes Discord selects the wrong input device. You keep talking in the mic without realizing that it’s not the one taking input. It’s also possible that your computer’s default mic is selected and you’re too far away from the device to catch audio.

To check if Discord is using the right mic:

  1. Navigate to the settings icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  2. In the settings window, select ‘Voice & Video’ in the app settings section.
  3. In the input device dropdown, select the correct input device (the one you’re currently using).
  4. Make sure that the input volume slider (under the dropdown) is maxed out.

If you have been using the wrong input device, then your issue should be immediately resolved.

In case, you’re unsure about the name of your input device. Connect your headset to the computer and follow the steps given below:

  1. Right-click on the audio icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen and select Sounds.
  2. In the sound window, open the recording tab, and talk into the microphone. A level icon by the headphone you’re using.
  3. The name of the headset microphone will appear on the left side.

If the right device was already selected and the mic is still not working, then move on to the next solution.

Fix 5: Update Audio Drivers

The Discord mic not working issue can also happen due to an old, outdated, or missing audio driver. You can easily resolve this issue by updating your driver.

Important: if you’re facing the mic issue on other applications too, then try this option first.

To update your audio drivers:

  1. Press the Windows key + R. In the dialog box, type “devmgt.msc”, and hit enter.
  2. In the Device Manager window, right-click on ‘Audio Inputs and Outputs’ under your PC name, and select Update driver from the menu.
  3. In the following window, select the first option, ‘search automatically for updated driver software’.
  4. The system will automatically search the Internet and your computer for the latest audio driver software.
  5. Install the recommended driver software (if any) and try Discord again.

After installing the latest driver software, your concern should be resolved by now. If you don’t get any latest driver software recommendation, then close the window and move on to the next solution.

Fix 6: Reset Discord Voice Settings

Most of the voice-related issues are resolved by resetting the voice settings. If the issue is exclusive to the Discord application, then resetting the voice settings should solve it. This solution is also useful if you have recently replaced your old headset.

To reset discord voice settings:

  1. Click on the settings icon at the bottom-left corner of the page.
  2. In the app settings section, select Voice & Video.
  3. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page, and click on the Reset Voice Settings button.
  4. In the following popup, select Okay to confirm, and wait for Discord to automatically relaunch.

Now, disconnect your headset or mic, connect again, and see if the glitch has been resolved.

Fix 6: Enable Automatic Input Audio Sensitivity

In Discord, the mic can stop working if ‘Automatic Input Sensitivity’ is disabled. It stops Discord from automatically detecting your microphone. You can simply enable automatic input sensitivity to work out this issue.

To enable automatic input sensitivity in Discord:

  1. Open user settings by clicking on the settings icon at the bottom-left side of the screen.
  2. Now select ‘Voice & Video’ from the sidebar.
  3. In the settings window, toggle on ‘automatically determine input sensitivity’ under the input sensitivity section.

After enabling input sensitivity, Discord should be able to detect your microphone.

To make sure that it’s working, try saying something. If the mic is working, you should be able to see the bar expanding and contracting. It’s an easy way to detect if Discord is detecting audio or not.

Fix 7: Run Discord as an Administrator

A very popular solution to most of the Discord issues is running the application as an administrator. This happens mainly due to permission conflicts especially if you’re sharing a screen. If access restrictions are the issue, you can solve it by running Discord as an administrator.

To run Discord as administrator:

  1. Press the Windows key to open the Start menu. Type Discord in the search bar.
  2. In the results, right-click on Discord, and select ‘Run as Administrator’.

Discord will be automatically relaunched, check the microphone again to see if it’s working.

Fix 8: Enable Push to Talk

If you’ve tried all the following methods, and nothing worked for you, then try switching from ‘Voice Activity’ to ‘Push to Talk’. For some users, the microphone started working after switching the input method.

You must be thinking what the Push to talk method does?

Push to Talk is an input mode, where you are required to press a button whenever you want to say something.

To enable Discord Push to Talk:

  1. Open Discord settings.
  2. Select App Settings -> Voice & Audio’ from the sidebar.
  3. Scroll down to the input mode section, and check Push to talk.
  4. Under the Push to Talk checkbox, a shortcut, and ‘push to release delay’ boxes will appear.
  5. Click on the shortcut box to set up a key bind. When you see the start recording label, press one key or set of keys on the mouse or keyboard
  6. Click ‘Stop Recording’ to set the shortcut.

Now, every time you press the shortcut, the microphone starts transmitting. Having to push a button every time you talk can be inconvenient, but if it means that your mic is working, then all is well!

Even so, a lot of gamers get used to the push top talk option and prefer it over the conventional input mode. This unorthodox method gives them more control over your voice input.

Fix 9: Disable Exclusive Mode in Windows

In Windows exclusive mode, some applications take exclusive control of the audio driver, which means that other applications cannot play audio at the same time.

Important: In Windows, the exclusive mode is enabled by default.

Enabling exclusive control can result in problems with Discord and other applications. With some headphones, the Discord microphone will mute if certain parameters are met. To deal with this issue once and for all, disable the exclusive mode in Windows.

To disable the exclusive mode in Windows:

  1. Click on the Audio icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  2. In the recordings tab, right-click on the microphone of the headset you’re using, and select Properties.
  3. In the Microphone properties -> Advanced tab, uncheck the ‘Allow applications to take exclusive control of the device’ and click Ok.

Note: make sure that you save the setting or it will be discarded when you close the window.

To apply the changes, reboot your system and see if the mic is working.

Fix 10: Change Privacy Settings

After a Windows update, the access privileges of all applications and hardware components are revoked automatically. Only the third-party application’s access privileges are revoked, which includes Discord. This happens due to a change in the permissions policy granted to third party application.

If you disabled the microphone in the privacy setting, due to this update then your mic will not work with Discord. Enabling microphone access for Discord should resolve the issue.

To enable microphone Access for discord in the Windows privacy settings:

  1. press windows key, type Privacy Settings, and hit enter.
  2. Select the microphone in the left panel of the privacy settings window.
  3. In the right panel, toggle on the ‘Allow apps to access your microphone’.
  4. Next, scroll down and check if microphone permissions are enabled for Discord.
  5. If you can’t find Discord, then look for Desktop App Web Viewer and toggle it on.

Now, restart your system and see if the Discord is working. If you can’t, then try disabling QoS on Discord.

Fix 11: Disable QoS on Discord

QoS configuration in Discord often interferes with the voice functions. This interference can result in errors like Discord mic not working.

What is QoS in Discord?

QoS (Quality of Service) is any technology that manages data traffic to reduce latency, packet (data) loss, and jitter on the network.

The QoS configuration becomes an issue in devices that cannot manage High Packet Priority Quality of Service (QoS). You can resolve this issue by disabling QoS in Discord.

To Disable QoS in Discord:

  1. Open user settings by clicking on the icon at the bottom-left corner.
  2. Scroll down to the ‘Voice & Video’ option in the left tab.
  3. Toggle off ‘Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority’.

We have discussed all solutions to the Discord mic not working issue that have worked for others. If none of the solutions worked for you, then it’s possibly hardware or application-specific issue.

Open your discord account on another device. For example, another computer or another smartphone and see if the microphone is working there. if it is then you can safely say that the issue is with your device. If it doesn’t work on any other computer then contact Discord support for further assistance.

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