Famitsu Opens the ‘Book’ to Cygames’ 10th Anniversary Survey Data

Famitsu Opens the 'Book' to Cygames’ 10th Anniversary Survey Data

Continuing its 10th-anniversary celebration, Cygames unveils its compilation “book”, published and written as a Famitsu magazine special for May 27th 2021.

The compilation, of course, tells a lot about the company during its earliest existence until today. But more peculiarly, Famitsu also reveals survey data, properly laying out enticing fan-relatable information for everyone to indulge and enjoy.

Part 01: User Demographics

This data reveals the types of users of most of Cygames most popular titles. The data itself was extracted last April 2021, using at least 1,401 votes of the given survey poll.

Understandably, most users are typically male, although there is a peculiar concentration (with regards to popular Cygames’ titles) of at least more than 15% that are presumably teenage students.

User Gender:

  • 72.7% Male
  • 27.3% Female

Age Range:

  • 16.1% – Less than 20
  • 41.0% – 20’s
  • 31.7% – 30’s
  • 9.0% – 40’s
  • 2.2% – 50’s and above

Part 02: Specific Question Polls

Sandalphon, long time consecutive winner of several Granblue Fantasy and Cygames character popularity polls, even today.
These are the specific questions answered (via multiple choice) by the same users. The original article presents at least fifteen (15) of them, mostly in reference to several games published by the company that they ended up liking and playing.

Q1. How did you get to know Cygames? (as a company)

Somehow, “I saw on Twitter” and “I saw on some live stream” ended up both tied at 9th place.

1st 338 votes I played Granblue Fantasy a lot…
2nd 184 votes I saw a TV commercial (about the company)
3rd 135 votes I played Shadowverse a lot…
4th 85 votes I played Shingeki no Bahamut a lot…
5th 69 votes Some relative or friend introduced me
6th 60 votes I saw some ad outdoors, or on a magazine/online website
7th 52 votes I played Princess Connect! Re: Dive a lot…
8th 23 votes I receive a game invitation.
9th 21 votes I saw on Twitter
9th 21 votes I saw some live stream/broadcast about it

Q2. What was the first Cygames title that you played?

Pretty straightforward question. Also includes titles no longer in service/supported by Cygames.

1st 592 votes Granblue Fantasy
2nd 237 votes Shadowverse
3rd 181 votes Shingeki no Bahamut
4th 104 votes Princess Connect! Re: Dive
5th 103 votes “Others”
6th 56 votes Umamusume Pretty Derby
7th 46 votes Princess Connect!
8th 20 votes Three Kingdoms Puzzle War
9th 11 votes Little Noa
10th 7 votes Granblue Fantasy Versus

Q3. How long have you been involved with/playing Cygames (titles)?

Basically, how long since you’ve started to be a fan of their games.

  • Less than a year – 6.1%
  • About one to two years – 7.6%
  • Two to four years – 28.3%
  • Four to six years – 31.1%
  • Six to eight years – 15.1%
  • More than eight years – 11.8%

Q4. How many Cygames titles have you played in total? (so far)

Supporting the previous question is the number of games played by the survey participants.

  • Just one title – 10.8%
  • About two to three titles – 38.4%
  • Four to five titles – 33.2%
  • Six to seven titles – 11.5%
  • Eight to nine titles – 2.9%
  • More than ten titles – 3.2%

Q5. What Cygames title are you playing right now?

Well duh. Umamusume is obviously the hottest thing right now.

1st 871 votes Umamusume Pretty Derby
2nd 861 votes Granblue Fantasy
3rd 618 votes Princess Connect! Re: Dive
4th 343 votes Shadowverse
5th 249 votes Granblue Fantasy Versus
6th 159 votes “Others”
7th 151 votes Shingeki no Bahamut

Q6. How long do you play Cygames titles in a single day?

Yup, the results seemed pretty typical for any popular mobile game today.

  • Less than 30 minutes – 3.6%
  • About 30 minutes to one hour – 13.6%
  • One to two hours – 27.8%
  • More than two hours – 55%

Q7. Which are the Cygames titles that you like the best?

The data also includes a few comments from the voters for each title listed.

#1: Granblue Fantasy (552 votes)
  • More and more things keep pulling me back each year.
  • Consistent artwork, so char design choice can’t just be due to artist preference.
  • Gets easier play for newbies each year. Fast progression as well. Been hooked since.
  • Probably an essential part of my life at this point.
#2: Umamusume Pretty Derby (345 votes)
  • Been hooked to the anime series and loved it since.
  • Live performance scenes are made so well.
  • Filled with lots of actual historical references. You can feel the dedication.
#3: Princess Connect! Re: Dive (165 votes)
  • Cute characters all around
  • Protag is cute as well. You can feel the motherly instincts of users and characters alike
  • Can be played casually and doesn’t take your time too much.
#4: Shadowverse (117 votes)
  • Deck creation is among the best made for any mobile card game out there
  • I love its story
#5: Shingeki no Bahamut (41 votes)
  • The historical core of Cygames. It is both its foundation and highest point
  • Nine whole years worth of story, for absolutely no cost at all!
Other Notable Comments
  • Pixel art of World Flipper is so cute!
  • Three Kingdoms Puzzle War evenly matches the sheer number of its scenes and chars with other Three Kingdoms-based games out there
  • Kindai Mahjong All-Stars Touhaiden has been a dream, since I love mahjong manga

Q8. What is your personally recommended Cygames title?

The common theme is the overall sturdy build of the titles as high-replay value games.

#1: Umamusume Pretty Derby (739 votes)
  • Appreciated by both old men and otaku!
  • Enjoyable with its anime as well
  • Very fun to play even without prior horse racing knowledge
#2: Granblue Fantasy (568 votes)
  • Its characters, music, and battles really grip you tight
  • So many other players who are willing to help you out
#3: Princess Connect! Re: Dive (417 votes)
  • Short, enjoyable missions, the best multi-game for enjoying anime-ish scenes
#4: Shadowverse (226 votes)
  • It is built as a real, hardcore trading card game, only that it is exclusively online
#5: Granblue Fantasy Versus
  • It fixed my dislike towards fighting games, quite recommended to non-specialists

Q9. Who is your favorite character among Cygames titles?

A common poll usually taken every year. This year there are once again entries that kept their place within the top 10. In particular, this poll will be Sandalphon of Granblue Fantasy’s 7th time at the very top place this year.

1st 60 votes Sandalphon (Granblue Fantasy)
2nd 39 votes Tokai Teio (Umamusume Pretty Derby)
3rd 37 votes Rice Shower (Umamusume Pretty Derby)
4th 35 votes Narmaya (Granblue Fantasy)
5th 31 votes Belial (Granblue Fantasy)
6th 29 votes Djeeta (Granblue Fantasy)
7th 26 votes Pecorine (Princess Connect! Re: Dive)
8th 25 votes Kyaru (Princess Connect! Re: Dive)
9th 20 votes Agnes Tachyon (Umamusume Pretty Derby)
9th 20 votes Bikara (Granblue Fantasy)

Q10. Which character from Cygames titles would you like to be involved in a collab next time?

Oddly enough, the happy-go-lucky queen Gold Ship steals the first spot for this question.

1st 189 votes Gold Ship (Umamusume Pretty Derby)
2nd 46 votes Djeeta (Granblue Fantasy)
3rd 32 votes Sandalphon (Granblue Fantasy)
4th 25 votes Gran (Granblue Fantasy)
5th 20 votes Pecorine (Princess Connect! Re: Dive)
6th 19 votes Tokai Teio (Umamusume Pretty Derby)
7th 18 votes Special Week (Umamusume Pretty Derby)
8th 17 votes Vyrn (Granblue Fantasy)
9th 14 votes Kyaru (Princess Connect! Re: Dive)
10th 13 votes Noa (Little Noa)

Q11. Which anime based on Cygames titles did you like the most?

Not much choices, to be honest, but the top three at least goes to:

#1: Umamusume Pretty Derby (466 votes)
  • Great balance of genres
  • Infused hard with actual history
#2: Princess Connect! Re: Dive (568 votes)
  • Laid-back fantasy slice of life evenly sprinkled with serious elements
  • It’s like watching the franchise from an alternate perspective
#3: Zombieland Saga (121 votes)
  • Oddball, but by-the-book funny all around
  • Good hotbed of memes

Q12. Which manga titles did you like with the Saicomi app?

This is the separate manga publication affiliate owned by the company.

1st 87 votes The Idol Master Cinderella Girls After 20
2nd 86 votes The Idol Master Cinderella Girls U149
3rd 53 votes Zombieland Saga
4th 39 votes Seton Academy: Join the Pack!
5th 33 votes Ashita, Watashi wa Dare-ka no Kanojo
6th 30 votes Isekai Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to
6th 30 votes Ima Doki no Wakai Mon wa
8th 25 votes Tsuyoshi: Dare mo Katenai, Aitsu ni wa
9th 14 votes Hina: Nezukerareta Koyaku-tachi
10th 12 votes Isekai Shachou: Maou-gun de Nariagaru!

Q13. Have you attended any Cygames offline (live) event?

Includes game-specific “Fes” events, but mostly dealing with CygamesFes live events. Unsurprisingly, a good chunk of them never attended any.

  • No – 68.6%
  • Just once – 12.5%
  • Twice of thrice – 12.1%
  • More than four times – 7.0%

Q14. What were/are you excited about in these live events?

Responses range from the pilgrimage-level religiosity, to the more mundane, “I just like the stands.”

  • Staff and cast related stage events (410 votes)
  • Item stands, sales goods (260 votes)
  • “Others” (117 votes)
  • Realistic recreations (of in-game settings, items, etc.) (85 votes)
  • Themes and attractions (64 votes)
  • Food product collabs (64 votes)

Q15. What games would you like to be developed and released in the future?

And lastly, RPG massively wins by a sweeping number of votes.

1st 331 votes RPG
2nd 172 votes Sims
3rd 170 votes Action
4th 124 votes Music
5th 119 votes “Others”
6th 54 votes Visual Novels
6th 50 votes Puzzle
8th 41 votes Shooter
9th 27 votes Sports
10th 17 votes Race


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