As the world seems to have an obsession with slim bodies and even slimmer devices, we thought that you would like to know that you can definitely say goodbye to your big heavy backpack from now on and replace it with something… well, slimmer.

That’s right, you can switch to a fancier way of carrying your stuff right away because we have done our research so that it would be easy for you to make an informed faster decision.

Here’s a list of 12 cheapest tote bags for your laptop that could make your life easier without spending a fortune.

At a Glance – Our Top Picks

ImageProductDetailsCheck Price
Waterproof Laptop Tote Bag by Chomeiu
Waterproof Laptop Tote Bag with USB Charging PortFeatures: External USB Charging Port, Waterproof Material, Multiple Compartments, Adjustable Strap, Large Capacity
Benefits: Modern Concept, Well Structured, Affordable
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Work & Travel Laptop Tote Bag by MOSISO
Multifunctional Work & Travel Laptop Tote BagFeatures: High-quality Material, Removable/Adjustable Strap, Compatible with up to 17.3 Inch Laptops
Benefits: Beautiful Design, Very Well Structured, Compatible with many laptop models
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Laptop Tote Bag with USB Charging Port by Meisohua
Travel Laptop Tote Bag with USB Charging PortFeatures: Soft Foam Padding for Laptop Protection,  Built-in USB Cable, External FRID Protection
Benefits: Secure, Durable, Lots of room and compartments, Affordable
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Multi-Pocket Laptop Tote Bag by Okloy
Casual Multi-Pocket Laptop Tote BagFeatures: Soft PU Leather, Padded Compartment, Durable & Large
Benefits: Beautiful Design, Eco-Friendly
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Laptop Tote Bag by Relavel
Multi-pocket & Waterproof Laptop Tote BagFeatures: Fits 15.6-inches Laptop, Multiple Pockets, High-quality Waterproof Material, Adjustable Shoulder Strap
Benefits: Light & Fashionable, Dorable & Water Resistant, Very well compartimentalized, Great Price
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Anti-Theft Laptop Tote Bag with USB Port by AM SeaBlue
RFID Anti-Theft Laptop Tote Bag with USB PortFeatures: Multi-Functional, Many Compartments, Large Capacity, Fashionable, Fit for 17.3 Laptops
Benefits: Spacious, Charging Port Facility, 1-Year Warranty, Great for many occasions
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Lightweight Work Tote Bag by Bag Wizard
Laptop Lightweight Work Tote BagFeatures: Fully Padded, 15.6" Laptop Compartment, Multiple & Various Compartments, 
Benefits: Lightweight & Durable, Neutral Color, Appropriate for Casual/Sporty Looks, Affordable
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Premium Nylon Tote Bag by H&Q
Laptop Water Resistant Premium Nylon Tote BagFeatures: Lifetime Warranty, Lightweight Nylon Bag, Suitable for 15 -15.6-inch Laptops, Water Resistant Material
Benefits: Very Affordable, Spacious, Durable & Water Resistant
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Work & School Laptop Tote Bag by Coolqiya
Work & School Laptop Tote BagFeatures: Canvas Fabric, PU leather, Foam Padding for Shock Absorbtion, Laptop & File Divider, Multi Pockets, 6 Month Warranty
Benefits: Highly Durable, Affordable Price, Good Warranty, Stylish Neutral Color
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PU Leather Laptop Tote Bag by Zoppen
Microfiber PU Leather Laptop Tote BagFeatures: Lightweight, Fits 13-13.3inch Laptop, Microfiber PU leather, Multiple Compartments, Adjustable Shoulder Straps
Benefits: Extremely Light, Simple & Clean Design, Affordable, Well Structured
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Convertible Laptop Briefcase & Rucksack by CoolBELL
Unisex Convertible Laptop Briefcase & RucksackFeatures: Fits up to 17.3-inches Laptop, Three Carrying Styles, Four Outside Pockets, Roomy, Lightweight Design
Benefits: Ergonomic Design, Great Value, Classier than Regular Backpacks, Unisex
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PU Leather Laptop Tote Bag by ECOSUSI
PU Leather Laptop Tote BagFeatures: High Quality PU Leather, Original Design, Fits 14-inches Laptop, Adjustable Strap, Multiple Compartments
Benefits: Well Structured, Eco-Friendly, Beautiful Design
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Why are we so hyped about the Laptop Totes?

Thinking of a tote bag as a feminine thing is rather overrated since the tendencies are here to show us the contrary. Sure, briefcases inspire that specific manly vibe, but nothing compares to the liberty of a hands-free bag.

If you’re an active person, you’re likely to spend most of the time away from home, so you might want to make sure that you can easily carry everything you need for a busy day with you.

Laptop Totes are ideal because they assure the secure transportation for your laptop (and other devices too) of a backpack but they also have this practical/fashionable use of a purse.

1. Waterproof Laptop Tote Bag with USB Charging Port by Chomeiu (15.6-inch)

Waterproof Laptop Tote Bag by ChomeiuThis multi-functional bag’s capacity will fit most of the 15-inch laptops (or smaller, including all sizes of tablets). Specially designed for laptops, the bag has a soft and thick compartment with an elastic velcro strap that prevents accidental damage to the laptop.

The bag contains other compartments too. Conveniently disposed of, they can give you easy access to each and every item from your bag. Everything, from electronics, cosmetics or office supplies can be carried in perfect order in just one bag.

The external USB charging port is not a new thing, but it certainly is a plus. So you just have to put in a power bank and have the energy busting your mood up for the day. I found that the usb charging is a nice feature to have for a college tote.

The material is waterproof tested, wear-resistant and anti-wrinkle so that this tote bag will have a long and happy life and so will do your electronics.

This laptop bag comes in two colors, for the sake of diversity, which we all love: all black or in a floral pattern.


  • Modern concept, kudos for that USB charging port
  • Well structured, multiple pockets
  • Good price

  • Apparently, the outside material it’s not as thick as it looks in the picture, it’s more flexible. It really passes the water test, though.
  • Fragile zipper lock


2. Multifunctional Work & Travel Laptop Tote Bag by MOSISO (17.3-inch)

Work & Travel Laptop Tote Bag by MOSISOMade of premium canvas material, which makes the bag a long-lasting one. Effectively protects your computer from accidental bumps, impacts, and scratches. One main compartment for a notebook, MacBook, ultrabook and Chromebook computers and the small pocket for tablets, cell phones, kindles, etc.

Compatible with Notebook, MacBook, Ultrabook and Chromebook Computers up to 17-17.3 Inches, but possibly, not compatible with all computers due to variations in the sizes of different models. Roomy enough for all your daily stuff.

This attractive fashionable laptop tote bag is ideal for daily use at shopping, office, business, school, work, weekend, outdoor activities, travel, gym, etc. Nice size admirably suits every woman, from college students/ teen girls to adults. That flowery pattern sure has something delightful in it.

The shoulder strap could be removed and so, the bag could also be worn by hand. The exterior pockets proved themselves to be very handy, making it easy for everyone to access their keys or cell phone in just a few seconds.

The variation of colors from which you can choose is surprisingly extended. This laptop bag comes in seven different color combinations.


  • Beautiful design; keeping a slim aspect while carrying a lot of stuff
  • Easy access to your most likely to be lost and vital things, such as keys; Very well compartmented

  • A bit more pricey than the previous one
  • It is kind of floppy
  • The zippers appear they might give out quickly


3. Travel Laptop Tote Bag with USB Charging Port by Meisohua (17-inch)

Laptop Tote Bag with USB Charging Port by MeisohuaStylish Laptop Bag for Women. It has a simple and chic design, it comes with a wide long shoulder strap. It goes perfectly as a laptop bag, a handbag and it can be taken all over the places, including work, school, travel, etc.

It fits 14-inch – 15.6-inch laptop, computer or tablet.

The main compartment for the laptop is provided with soft foam padding to protect your laptop or tablet from being altered.

The Laptop Tote Bag has a built-in USB cable. Use it to connect the power bank, then connect your phone with an original USB cable to the USB port and that’s about it, you could charge your phone now.

The Headphone Jack is such an amazing idea – you can listen to your favorite music on the go while keeping your hands free.

The external FRID protection system pocket ensures that your passport, bank card, and other information are not compromised.

This bag also comes in multiple choices; a various mix of colors to fit your taste.


  • Extremely secure transportation of electronic devices
  • Resistance
  • Tons of rooms and pockets
  • Good price

  • The straps are too solid, they can affect the form of the bag if the bag is too heavy
  • The straps also may affect the space within the bag while hanging on your shoulder


4. Casual Multi-Pocket Laptop Tote Bag by Okloy (15.6-Inch)

Multi-Pocket Laptop Tote Bag by OkloyThe bag made of nylon and polyester lining, handle with a bottom made of high-quality microfiber. It is scratch proof and it feels smooth. If taken care of, it could last a long time.

Easy to organize your 15.6-inch laptop and other daily stuff, being perfectly suitable for business and work-related activities, thanks to its classy looking design. Also, it is a simple and practical bag.

The inner construction includes 2 professional compartments: one for a 15.6-inch laptop and one for a 12.9-inch iPad maybe. Provided with a thick but soft-surfaced pad, it successfully prevents the impact and assures protection to your items.

The main compartment can easily store your daily stuff such as cosmetics, a water bottle, an A4 folder, which is great because the paper is still a thing, right?

The bag comes in two classy colors: grey or black.


  • Very good price
  • Water resistant
  • Classy look

  • Fragile zipper: if you overstuff the bag, the zipper could break


5. Multi-pocket & Waterproof Laptop Tote Bag – The Best College Tote (15.6-inch)

Laptop Tote Bag by RelavelAnother classical item that you should overview is this compliments magnet laptop bag, which is just as fashionable as a casual stylish purse. Designed specifically for women, this bag will give you all the space you need in a matter of organizing the daily stuff.

It perfectly fits a 15.6 inch (or smaller) laptop. Provided with a thick but gentle foam pad and a velcro strap, this bag will fully secure and protect your laptop.

The distribution of pockets is well organized, giving this bag a considerable edge on other bags available at the moment.

This laptop bag is made of high quality waterproof and durable material: Oxford Nylon fabric and polyester lining. At the bottom and shoulder straps are made of sturdy leather and that proved to be the key to a long life for bags. The detachable multi-panel airflow back shoulder pad is definitely a plus because it assures a good grip that won’t allow your bag to fall down and also, it makes all the carriage a lot more comfortable.

The bag is also provided with 4 protective metal feet base and that helps to reduce the bottom friction.

The black trim combined with the brown elements lends to a professional look. It fits all styles. It goes well with both dresses and suits but most of all, it best matches a woman on the go.


  • Light, fashionable look
  • Good use of space/well-organized compartments & pockets
  • Resistance & water resistance
  • Great price

  • Possible difficulties to lock the zipper
  • In case of forcing the locking, the zipper could break


6. RFID Anti-Theft Laptop Tote Bag with USB Port by AM SeaBlue (17.3-inch)

Anti-Theft Laptop Tote Bag with USB Port by AM SeaBlueGorgeous multi-functional Laptop Tote Bag, this one here, has enough room for a 17.3-inch laptop and other several rooms for tech accessories such as headphones and iPads.

Designed with care and attention for the details, this bag is well structured: it is provided with a top handle zipper closure that prevents your laptop from falling out; an exterior pocket for easy access to your phone & keys; an extra detachable long strap to help you use the tote bag as a crossbody bag too.

The external USB charging port is here to help you to be constantly connected and the earphone jack will help you disconnect from the world once in a while by listening to your favorite music.

This laptop tote bag is not just of a good usage on a daily bases, it is also a totally fashionable item thanks to its amazing flowery look. It can be taken literally everywhere, from school & work to some different kinds of outdoor activities. This bag also comes in two colors so your choice won’t be forced and limited to just one option.

  • Good price
  • Spacious interior
  • Charging port facility
  • AM SeaBlue Store provides a 1-year warranty

  • Compatible with Macbook up tp 15.6 – 17.3 Inch, but may not be compatible with all computers due to variations in sizes of different models. A 17-inch laptop fits but very tightly
  • If you use every room of this bag you could end up having quite a heavy bag to carry


7. Laptop Lightweight Work Tote Bag by Bag Wizard (15.6-Inch)

Lightweight Work Tote Bag by Bag WizardThis one is one of the lightest laptop tote bags that you could actually find. Being completely padded, the tote bag will help to very safely transport your laptop. The laptop compartment is designed for a 15-inch device and it will fit perfectly.

The bag has a canvas body provided with a faux leather strap. The interior is made of a nice striped material, delicate at touch promises to be gentle to your items.

Suitable for all-around use, this bag makes a perfect partner. Even if it appears to be smaller than the usual accepted for a laptop tote bag, it is very practical. It fits your laptop, documents and files, a big notebook so it can be in good use to the busy ladies.

The freedom of choice is important too, and so, there are 3 variations in color for this model.

  • Lightweight & durable
  • Neutral colour
  • Fits both office and casual/ sporty looks
  • Good price

  • It’s a bag for organized ladies, who don’t have a problem with limitate themselves only to some of their tons of stuff


8. Laptop Water Resistant Premium Nylon Tote Bag by H&Q (15.6-inch)

Premium Nylon Tote Bag by H&QFor those of you needing a laptop tote bag right away but not interested to invest a lot of money in it, we just found the perfect balance:

This bag here is made of water-resistant nylon fabric and high-quality PU durable leather handles. The material makes it foldable without risks of damaging the form.

Suitable for a 15 – 15.6-inch laptop, this tote provides easy storage of other items too. Multi-pockets design, it features a zippered main compartment, one small interior slip pockets and one small interior zipper pocket for your cell phone.

The bag is resistant and surprisingly stylish. It would totally make a proper gift for a friend if you think you could resist the temptation to keep it for yourself.

It comes in 2 simple colors (Bleck & Blue) and would perfectly go with a casual look.


  • Widely affordable
  • Really handy
  • Resistant

  • Bad smell due to the manufacturing/ process of storage, but that should go once you simply wash it before using it
  • May seem a bit voluminous


9. Work & School Laptop Tote Bag by Coolqiya

Work & School Laptop Tote Bag by CoolqiyaThe same level of casualty can be observed in this case too, but for a bigger price. Similar material quality, but a different design.

This laptop tote bag is made of canvas fabric, PU leather. A casual bag but strong enough to support the weight of a laptop.

Provided with a foam padding for shock absorption, this bag is really secure for laptop transportation.

This oversized bag has nice laptop dividers right in the center of the bag. It perfectly matches the dimensions of a 15.6 Inch laptop and other than that, it can hold some folders and some of your daily needed stuff.

If you’re usually worried about taking more than one bag with you, now you can relax, because this bag will teach you to organize better.

The little pockets will keep your belongings organized; your cell phone & daily essentials will be in good hands… I meant straps. Because the straps are solid but kind of comfortable too on this bag.


  • Stylish neutral-colored tote bag
  • Highly resistant
  • Accessible price
  • 6 months warranty

  • It comes in one color only
  • The zipper tends to get stuck at first, but after a few tries it glides nicely


10. Microfiber PU Leather Laptop Tote Bag with Adjustable Shoulder Strap by Zoppen (13.3-inch)

PU Leather Laptop Tote Bag by ZoppenNow, this is one easy to carry the type of bag: the laptop tote bag is lightweight, only 0.9lb (0.4KG).
Naturally fitting a 14-inch laptop or notebook.

What’s really remarkable about this laptop tote is its stylish design. That pastel smooth pink will sure make a good impression.

The laptop bag is made of microfiber, PU leather with a soft feel at touching and minimalist design. It will best suit women who love to travel due its great, light aspect. It could also be used at work and school, but only in the easy days when you won’t need to carry a lot of books and files. The interior can’t accommodate much.

Simple structure: smooth zippers, one main compartment pocket with zipper, 2 storage pockets for mouse, pen, power socket or other stationery, 1 pocket to protect your notebook, kindle, etc.

The laptop bag has adjustable shoulder handles, so you could, preferably wear it as a tote bag.

If you’re not that into a pink mood, you can switch to something more neutral, because this bag can also be ordered in grey.


  • Lightest tote bag for laptops
  • Nice chromatics
  • Simple design
  • Good price

  • Tight interior, cant’t accomodate much
  • Maybe a bit too simple


11. Unisex Convertible Laptop Briefcase & Rucksack by CoolBELL (17.3-inch)

Convertible Laptop Briefcase & Rucksack by CoolBELLOne of our favorites in a matter of laptop tote bags is certainly this one and you’ll see why.

First of all, its dimensions fit up to a 17.3 inches laptop and it will still be enough room for other stuff to put in. Great design for travelers and business travelers thanks to its 3 carrying styles. You could use it as a backpack, a shoulder bag and a messenger bag with the possibility of hiding the unused straps.

The bag is also designed with four outside pockets which can appear pretty handy in the good organization of your things. A special design laptop compartment with a telescopic belt provides more protection for your laptop. Roomy enough for a 3 days escape the city clothes, guaranteed. Ergonomic design ensures the dispersion of gravity of the fulled bag.

The possibility of choice is, in this case, pretty vast. To be more specific, you can choose between 13 colors. Good luck!

  • Ergonomic design
  • Good price for the services involved
  • Classier than an ordinary backpack
  • Can be used by both men and women

  • Might be a little heavy to carry at the job
  • Zippers can be easily affected in time


12. PU Leather Laptop Tote Bag by ECOSUSI (14-inch)

PU Leather Laptop Tote Bag by ECOSUSIBecause we all love diversity, we want to bring to your attention a vintage piece too.

Here it is a special one by Ecosusi. That instantly means elegant products and eco standards.

The design is outstanding while the materials (high-quality faux leather) are durable and don’t hurt the animals.

Perfectly used to hold a laptop up to 14 inches, files, paper size documents, notebooks, etc.

It is also carefully constructed: designed with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap, and with a top handle. The interior is also provided with a padded compartment that makes it all safe for your laptop to be transported.

This is eye-candy and at the same time, a fully practical bag. Available in 4 elegant colors.

  • Simply beautiful design
  • Eco-friendly

  • Spicey-pricey, but really good one in the niche market
  • It’s cute and professional but too small for an actual carry-all type of bag


Laptop Bags taking over the world of accessories

We’re allowed to make our predictions here, and we think that someday soon, laptop bags will become a necessity. They’re far more useful than purses and they’re still coming at more accessible prices than expected.

Another thing about what makes a favorite candidate out of tote bags in the niche consists of their popularity among both men and women. Once we’ve demystified the cliché around the fact that tote bags are made for women only, the mystery of this shocking popularity seems to be unraveled.

Since we’ve brought up the advantages of using a laptop tote rather than a classic backpack, you gotta keep in mind that there are some disadvantages too. It’s normal, and we’re used to it. The funny part comes when you realize that what you thought to be a disadvantage it’s actually the reason why you wanted a tote bag in the first place.

I’ll shortly illustrate this paradox here

A top 3 all-time complaints about the laptop tote bags refers mainly to: a lack of space, not adequate dimensions, and poor zipper locks.

The lack of space:
It’s odd, to be complaining about it since you initially wanted to switch to a lighter weight kind of bag. So yeah, you can’t compress the same number of things you used to carry in a backpack and a purse in just one tote, and then be mad about the fact that there isn’t enough room for everything. It just doesn’t work that way.

Not adequate dimensions:
Here’s a whole lotta drama too. If the online description doesn’t specify directly the technical details of a product, yes, that might be a problem, and you’re right to be mad about it. The thing is, product descriptions are usually well done and specific and it is your obligation to read them carefully.

And if it is said in the description that a laptop tote bag is right for a certain number of inches and specifies that some brands won’t fit due to differences of dimensions, you’d better believe them.

Most of the bags and tote bags are made by standard dimensions of the new generation of devices, but some of them just won’t fit, don’t force it!

Poor zipper locks:
Yeah, the zipper closures can be tricky, but have you ever tried not overstuffing your bag?

As a bonus, we thought you might need a list of instructions to guide you throughout the process of choosing your next laptop tote bag and to explain how to use it further.

5 Tips for choosing a laptop tote bag that fits your needs

#1. First of all, find out your laptop’s dimensions and/or features. You can easily find them on the product label. If something happened to that label, you can google your laptop model and find out the specs. Please note that you have to consider all the sizes (LxWxH), not just the number of inches of your screen.

#2. Find a design that matches your taste;

While searching for a laptop bag, your device’s dimensions are not the only dimensions you gotta have in mind as a landmark. Your dimensions count too. That is right, you have to use pretty much the same criteria as for choosing a purse. This is not to say that you must keep yourself from buying what you like, but it is a matter of proportions, and you might wanna wear that tote bag without any aesthetic restraints, so choose wisely.

#3. Check out the list of 12 laptop tote bags we’ve made for you and check it twice. We’re sure you’ll find something nice in there!

#4. The price is an important aspect too. You can easily tell what’s most suitable for you just by checking the price.

Be aware that the liaison between price and quality usually speaks, but it’s not always telling the truth about a product. Sometimes, the price is highly related to the brand, but you don’t necessarily need a well-known brand to find a high-quality tote bag.

#5. Well, as for every other purchase, you can lecture the product reviews, so you could get the panoramic view. But even here, things can be very vague and relative.

And once you’ve got your own laptop tote bag, please learn to let go of all the unnecessary things. We’re not suggesting to throw away your stuff, just to let it home and not carry it around every day.

Probably one of the most fascinating things about this type of laptop bag (the totes) is the fact that it teaches you the art of minimalism. It’s how to survive with little kind of stuff. There are plenty of tutorials on Youtube that will teach you how to effectively organize your things in a bag and how to use every inch of space in it, but the most important lesson that you could learn can be by simply following the design of the bag.

Usually, the main compartment is for the laptop. Some tote bags have some additional compartments that can be used for other electronic devices such as tablets, iPads, Kindle, etc. Our suggestion is that you don’t need to occupy each and every compartment. This way you will help and protect your tote bag from damages.

Most of the tote bags have a spacious room designed for your daily stuff. That may include space for your office supplies, but you can use it as you want, really. You could carry a bottle of water for example, but pay attention to the weight overall.

Any other item from this point on, shouldn’t be accepted unless it is a pen, a lipstick (if it’s the case), earphones or keys.

For exemplification, you can also watch the video following this link:

As you can see here, having a tote bag for your laptop is not just about your laptop, it’s about changing old habits. Meaning that while the purchase of a bag might seem to be just a practical need, you might want to reconsider it. We think it’s more than that because we want it to be more than that, and so should you.

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