Samsung Odyssey Neo G8: The Worlds First 4K 240Hz Display

Featured Image - Samsung’s Odyssey Neo G8

Step aside, Corsair, and hold your horses Gigabyte and MSI. Samsung is set to attempt domination in the larger 32-inch display category once again with yet another 4K display: the Odyssey Neo G8. The main sales pitch? A whopping “pro-gamer-level” 240Hz refresh rate using Quantum mini-LED display technology.

Something For Your Upcoming 3090 Ti to Melt With

Samsung opened with a huge online reveal of its product line in the last few days. However, the most eye-catching of them all was undoubtedly the Odyssey Neo G8. As mentioned in the intro, it is a 32-inch 3840×2160 display that breaks beyond the typical 144Hz refresh rates found universally on 4K displays with its 240Hz refresh rate. This will be backed up by its (presumably) stunningly crisp, vibrant, and detailed Quantum Mini LED backlighting technology, which as you may have known, is one of the frontier display technologies that will take HDR (or HDR-like) features to the next level.

Of course, what would a Samsung Odyssey monitor be without its signature curves? Yes, the aggressive 1000R curving of these displays is still in full swing, much like its predecessor, the Odyssey G7. While we question the practicality of such a feature on an already viewing angle-optimized display technology, we’re pretty sure Samsung has something along the lines of better immersion to continue preserving this feature on the Odyssey product line. At least the Odyssey Neo G9 had legitimate design reasons for the feature!

As for the other displays that were announced, there’s the Smart Monitor M8, and the UHD Monitor S8. Like the name suggests, the Smart Monitor M8 is a smart TV that works in tandem with a Google Duo app. Other specs are currently unknown, but like the Neo G8, it is confirmed to be at least 32-inches with a 4K resolution.

The UHD Monitor S8 will be a content creation and productivity-optimized, display much like the Asus ProArt monitor product line. It will come in 32-inch and 27-inch flavors (both in 4K), and will have a color gamut of 98% DCI-P3. Samsung proudly advertises the S8 as the world’s very first monitor to be officially certified as “glare-free” by Underwriters Laboratories.

4K UHD 240Hz Master Race Imminent?

Two very prominent predecessors of the Neo G8, the Neo G9 and the G7, have broken milestones as well. Both products have set what could be the highest possible quality among monitors of this generation, as well as maintaining the idea of “future-proofing” for displays somewhat possible.

For one thing, the Neo G9 is the only monitor of its class right now. In fact, many ultrawide online forums have effectively been dominated by this super-expensive super-ultrawide. The Odyssey G7, on the other hand, has effectively broken the stereotype of subpar VA panels, and has shown what the technology is really capable of when pushed to its current technological limit. If you can ignore the price and the curvature, the best IPS displays would look downright silly beside it.

With the upcoming G8 and S8 lineups, we can expect once again for Samsung to break milestones. Heck, the 240Hz refresh rate alone already feels like we have to wait for RDNA3 and Lovelace to even get anywhere near that number.

Want more tantalizing details and demo of the Odyssey Neo G8? Samsung is slated to present the product in a more official capacity at CES 2022. Yup, just a few more days ahead.

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