Alchemy Stars Unveils New Faction PV Teaser: Illumina

Alchemy Stars Unveils New Faction PV Teaser: Illumina

Tencent’s latest upcoming linear strategy gacha brainchild Alchemy Stars (白夜極光, Byakuya Kyokkou, “Winternight Aurora”) has updated its social media sources and YouTube channel with a brand new teaser. The short video features new Aurorians allied to the Illumina faction, with each introduction sprinkled with clues as to their identities, personalities, and even their specialties.

Yet One More Facet of Science and Magic

【Alchemy Stars】「Illumina」Affiliation Unveiled!

The brief 1-minute PV doesn’t feature any gameplay-related footage, but it does at least have a bit of intro for Illumina’s seven characters. A short voiced intro can be heard, followed by written information and the primary visual of the characters themselves:

Gronru, Maidenly Throne

VA: Maaya Uchida

The mecha-arm loli. She serves as the top brass of Illumina’s scientific division, a genius in her own right that “completely made cars obsolete.” She typically isn’t interested in combat, but is highly interested in operating and developing giant robots. Truly a fitting geek of her own research specialty.

Nemesis, Enforcer of Justice

VA: Aimi

Exuding an aura of prudence, she still bears the chivalric/knightly will of her ancient past. As such, she is now tasked with heading the military police division, having earned the trust of everyone with her strong and fair sense of “steely” duty.

Philyshy, The Phantom Rapier

VA: Azumi Waki

Illumina’s Chief of Intelligence. She usually has a calm and easygoing personality. However, she has another alternate personality within, which is far more violent and savage. She was previously thrown into the outcast groups through no fault of her own. Her struggle to get away from it is what awakened this second personality.

Wrath, Cruising Array

VA: Eri Kitamura

One of the captains of Illumina’s standard military corps. A very ambitious individual, she aspires to one day become the absolute ruler of Illumina. Full of vigor with a strong sense of claiming everything for her own, she will not stop at anything if it’s about acquiring more influence. That being said, she also has her fair share of internal troubles.

Vivian, Radium Rapier

VA: Haruka Tomatsu

Illumina’s Chief of Staff. She is capable of handling things accordingly, accomplishing everything with her steadfast personality. Don’t get in her way though; if you don’t want to witness something scary, it is for your own benefit to simply follow her instructions.

Sharona, The Lastborn of Ladon

VA: Yui Ishikawa

The overall Commander-in-Chief of Illumina’s army. She is a ruthless, literal cool beauty that wields the “dragon’s power.” Beyond her cold exterior, though, lies someone whom you can absolutely trust. She wields a tachi engraved with the dragonic symbol of her clan.

Hiiro, Sakura Setsuna

VA: Akari Kitou

A relatively young lady wielding strange techniques yet-to-be-seen on the continent. As a captain of the Illumina, she executes her objectives with the utmost rigor, discipline, and dedication. Her long tachi has led her to great victories during major engagements.

About the World of Auroria

In a somewhat similar vein to the world of Terra of Arknights, Auroria is a separate realm, a completely different planet from our own. Strongly hinted as a tidally-locked planet, only one side of it is ever illuminated by its parent star, while the other half perpetually covered in darkness.

At the crossroads of this divide is the continent of Astra, populated by the descendants of the planet’s most ancient civilization. Its native sentient citizens are referred to as Aurorians, and the entire continent is split into six major factions: Illumina, Lumopolis, Umbraton, Rediesel Wrench, and Northland.

Alchemy Stars Pre-Registration Still Ongoing!

The pre-registration campaign for the game is currently underway. Upon official launch, those who signed up will be given the following rewards: (rewards are cumulative)

  • 10,000 Registrants – 3,500 Nightium
  • 100,000 Registrants – 2 Star Flare
  • 200,000 Registrants – 5 Anonymous Gift I, Special Avatar
  • 500,000 Registrants – 5,000 Nightium, 5 Anonymous Gift II
  • 1,000,000 Registrants – Lumamber 600, Special Furniture

More information on Alchemy Stars’ official website (English).

Title: Alchemy Stars

Release Date: Summer 2021

Genre: Linear Strategy RPG

Official Twitter (English):

Official Youtube (English):

Distribution Format: Free-to-Play (F2P)

Operating System: Android, iOS

Copyright: Tencent Games


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