First (relatively) Affordable 3rd Party Mac Pro Wheels

First (relatively) Affordable 3rd Party Mac Pro Wheels
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Apple’s new Mac Pro accessory, Mac Pro Wheels, was met with trolls and criticism mainly because it was so expensive and just ludicrous. It’s hard to understand why one would splash a lot of cash for something they don’t even need. However, a Mac accessory company OWC announced the first 3rd party Mac Pro Wheels, which are relatively cheap and an absolute bargain.

Mac Pro Wheels

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OWC Rover Pro is the best budget alternative to the Mac Pro Wheels if you like the idea of mounting your Mac Pro on a set of wheels. The wheels set is compatible with 2019 Mac Pro, and it allows you to switch between wheels-on and wheels-off modes easily. The best part is that you get to keep all the original Mac Pro Wheels functionalities without spending a fortune.

However, the OWC Rover Pro wheels aren’t that cheap or affordable to all, but considering the price of Apple’s add-on wheels, it’s the best deal you get. Besides, OWC offers more capabilities and versatility than the stock Mac Pro Wheels.


The hassle-free and toolless installation make it easy to attach the wheels when on the move and revert to the factory feet when using the Mac Pro (wheels-on and wheels-off).

It’s the flexibility that makes the OWC Rover Pro easy to recommend and well, the price. OWC also includes wheels stop that act as brakes and prevent unintended motion that could end up damaging your Mac Pro. They are small rubber bases perfect for different surfaces, including tiles, hardwood, and laminated floors.

Other generic features as the Apple the Mac Pro Wheels include 360 degrees articulating wheels that make maneuvering and accessibility pretty easy. Rotate the Mac Pro and reposition to suit your needs and access to connectivity slots. With low friction bearings, you can move the Mac Pro without a sound, ideal for noise-sensitive areas such as office and hospitals.

The wheels are made of soft rubber, which ensures they don’t mark or scratch the surface when moving your Mac Pro around. OWC carefully designed the wheels with a polished stainless-steel look to match the Mac Pro’s aesthetics. There are no compromises when buying the OWC Rover Pro.


OWC Rover Pro will start shipping in September, but you can pre-order now at MacSales at a special discounted price, including free shipping. It’s the only chance to put your Mac Pro on wheels with the best price yet, before it returns to the standard pricing.

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